Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Currently I Am....Plus Some Pretty Pictures

Hello All,

Since I've been kind of MIA on the bloggy recently I figured I'd do one of those kind of popular among blogger post where we share what's currently going on in our lives. So, let's begin.

Currently I am...

...working really hard in school

...spending a lot of quality time with my roommate Megan and Grace

...planning two super awesome and exciting trips to Disney (More details to come soon)

...getting excited to see Wicked again

...constantly tweeting (if you want update updates on me you follow me here)

...missing having the time to blog a lot

...having a much better year then last year

...craving buffalo wings

...thinking I want to work in social media when I grow up

...obsessed with the apps snapchat, timehop and yik yak

...I'm getting more excited for the Christmas season (I've never really been a Halloween person)

...getting a burst of inspriation for blog post, hopefully I can get some great post up soon

...thinking more about my future career and getting an internship

...really happy with where I am in life and super excited to see what else happens this school year!

On another note, I went home this past weekend and spent some quality time with Mama J. On Sunday we went with one of her friends to look at a location for a crafting retreat they are hosting. It was right by the beach and absolutely beautiful. I took some pictures and I wanted to share them with you guys!

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  1. These are such awesome pictures! Good luck surviving the remainder of the semester :D


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