Tuesday, March 31, 2015

2015 New Year's Goal {March 2015}

Hello All,

Can you believe its the last day of March?! I can't believe it! Since its the last day of the third month of the year I figured I'd do a check in of how I've been doing on my New Years goal this year.

Hasn't even been attempted
In Progress

1. Start Exercising and Eating Healthier
One of the first things I did when the semester started was join my schools gym. I try and go must Tuesdays and Thursdays. I feel so go when I go. I'm slowly working my way up to running so maybe just maybe I can run a 5K sometime in the next 12 to 18 months. As for the healthier I haven't been doing so great with that. That is going to be one of my major summer goals, I want to do some research and find some yummy recipe.

2. Cross Off  or start planning 3 items off my bucket list
I could see a few of the items on my bucket list getting crossed off this year but I'm not sure if any of them are going to be.

3. Finish and Donate 2 blankets for my 180 Blankets for 180 Days Project
I haven't even worked on one blanket yet this year. I don't really have time during school to crochet. Hopefully I can bang out 2 blankets this summer. 

4. Read 6 Books That Aren't for School
Much like above I don't have a lot of time to read for fun during school but I did read 1 book that I didn't mention on the blog because well it was Fifty Shade of Grey. Unlike the rest of the country I was not overly impressed and never finished it, I read probably about 95%. On the plane ride I worked on finishing the book I've been reading for about six months Gone Girl. I am so excited for summer so I can read a lot, like every night a lot.

5. Blog twice a week
I worked really hard on that goal in the beginning of the year but then school (the first priority, ALWAYS) started getting crazy with all the snow days that I lost track of blogging twice a week. I'm hoping this week will get me back on a track. 

6. Create and Live By a Budget
I'm going to start doing research on it and start my budgeting practices ASAP. I have learned my lesson one too many times. Plus I want to start saving for Mac book and my own DSLR camera.
7. Stop Procrastinating
I am the queen of procrastination but I'm trying not to be I promise.

8. Become a Neater Person
I have worked really hard on this but some days are harder then others.

9. Go on 4 Blog Worth Adventures
If I do say so myself I would say that my most recent spring break trip was a pretty awesome blog worth adventure. I have some other ideas of cool day trips and such to go on. Hopefully (fingers crossed) they will work out.

10. Work on my Novel.
Not to sound like a broken record its pretty hard to work on a novel while you are doing work for school and hanging out with your friends. But come summer I will have more time to write, read and focus on that.

And that is how I'm doing on my goals this year and I must say I'm pretty damn proud of how I'm doing. If you set goals this year how are your goals going? Let me know in comments below.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Disney 2015 Trip in Review

Hello All,

It has been just about a week since I returned from my Spring Break 2015 and this trip was unlike any other. It was the first time I went to Disney World without either of my parents but instead with friends. I paid for this trip and planned. I vlogged the whole thing and will be sharing all videos with you wonderful people. Not only that but I could to turn 21 years old in the happiest place on earth (I will be writing a post about that because I have sorts of feels I want to share with internet on that topic). But most of all this is a trip that I had only dreamed of and I got to live out. So now, without further ado here's the first post of my trip review with the Disney 2015 Trip in Review.

Days leading up to the trip
Since we didn't leave until the Monday of Spring Break I had a couple days at home before I left. On the Saturday I went out with one of my besties, Tori. Then on Sunday I cleaned my house and hung with my Mama Judy a little. Until Mandi and Hannah got to my house because they were staying over the night before the trip. We didn't do much because we had to get to bed early because we had an early morning flight. 

We had super early flight so we got up early and headed to the airport. We had a layover in Raleigh and finally made it to Disney about mid-afternoon. We spent sometime at the pool and then got ready to go to dinner. For dinner we went to Chef Mickey's and met the big cheese.
Donald and I are in love. NBD.
We woke up some what early but not to early so we could head to Disney's Animal Kingdom. We hung around the park and did some fun attraction (you'll have to wait for the official Animal Kingdom post to find out what we did). We didn't spend the whole day there and actually did have some pool/rest time. After a quick rest we went to dinner at 1900 Park Fare. After dinner we went over to Downtown Disney for a little while before going back and going to bed.
LtoR Prince Charming (Cinderella) and Mandi
On this day we spend the day in my favorite park A.K.A. Disney's Hollywood Studios, which by the way is getting a new name. Hannah had a friend who was in town so she went to hung out with her and went on rides that Mandi and I weren't into. While she was off doing the big scary Tower of Terror and Rockin' Rolling Coaster Mandi and I met some characters, did some exploring and saw some shows. Eventually the two of us hit our walls and decided to head back for some much needed pool time. We went back to the park after and had dinner at 50's Prime Time Cafe where we met back up with Hannah. Although after dinner we parted ways again since Mandi and I had some things we still wanted to hit. I also had one of my favorite meets of the trip. You're going to have to wait and see it when the official post went up.
LtoR Chip, me, Dale and Mandi
Finally we made our way to Magic Kingdom. On this day we did some rides in the morning because we had some fast passes and had a great character interaction. Then we went back and had rest before coming back to have dinner at my favorite restaurant. For the evening part of the night I left my camera back in the room and kicked my butt about it. But I was able to vlog. It rained that night but actually I didn't mind because I had a great time in the rain. We also met two ladies who me and ever 5 year old in America have been obsessing over for the last two years.
A bow picture in each park was a must. Also I want to take one moment and gasp at how long my hair is.
This was probably are most easy going day of the trip. We slept in (well slept in Disney style) and then spent the morning exploring most of future world. Then headed back for an almost 3 hours break/pool time. After all of that was said and done we went back to EPCOT for dinner at Coral Reef which was one of either Hannah or Mandi's favorite meals. After dinner We went on one final ride and then Mandi and I headed back for the night.
We returned to Magic Kingdom. For the most part we only did character meet and greets. With very few rides. We once again returned for some pool time and then went back for dinner at Crystal Palace. After dinner we went to The Top of World Lounge to watch Wishes! with my father and his girlfriend. After that Hannah and Mandi went back to sleep while spent another few hours in Magic Kingdom and turned 21 during extra magic hours.
One of the cast members caught some behind the scenes vlog action
On my birthday we spent the morning back followed by running around for character meet and greets. We also hit up the one missing future world must do and headed back for a rest. I had my first drink at the Old Key West pool bar (you'll have to wait find out what it was). After my first drink we went back to EPCOT and had dinner at the Italy Pavilion. After dinner we went to Downtown Disney and picked up last minute souvenirs. When we got back to the resort finished packing and snuggled up in bed for our 2 hour sleep before we had to head to the airport.
LtoR Jasmine, Hannah, Me, Mandi, Aladdin.
 And that is our trip in review. To hold you guys over to my first trip recap you guys can check out my trip preview video I created.

I am so excited to share the rest of the pictures and vlogs from this trip so keep an eye out for them.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

1 Year, 5 Years, 10 Years ~ 1 Year Check-In

Hello All,

We're you reading the blog about a year ago? If you were do you remember this post that I wrote. It was prediction for where I would be this year, and where I will be in 2019 and 2024. Since I'm still blogging I figured I would see how my prediction came out. 

I wanted to....

-Have found my new place on campus
My new place isn't really in a club. Its making new friends in major and in life in general. 

-Have raised my GPA to a 3.0
I'm still working on it.

-Have a stronger grasp on where I am going in life
I think I do. I have figured out my dream career and thought about all the things I want to do in my life. Like travel, places I might want to life and general life goals.
-To see be writing for the school paper.
Not only that I am no longer a special to the paper but an actual writer for the paper.

-To have gone on vacation with my friends
I just returned!

-For my blog to be more successful.
As much as I still love blogging I don't have a lot time to promote it. Hopefully over the summer I want start doing some research and implement these techniques.

-To give more attention to my Youtube channel
I did just recently vlog my seven day trip to Disney which I'm working on editing and putting up on my channel. As well as I have some ideas for videos coming up in the future. As well as doing some research on good filming equipment.  

-To have a work out routine that I love
I have started going to the gym more and I have really enjoyed going. I'm nowhere near my dream body but I still love who I am and the way I look.

So, some of my prediction came true. Others were goals that I worked really hard to complete. Others didn't really happen at all. No matter what though, I am really happy with where I am in my life. 

 As long as I'm still blogging in four years (all goals and plans point to I'll still be blogging) I will update on how my 2019 predictions came out. Hopefully pretty well.

Monday, March 23, 2015

22 Before 22 Check-In

Hello All,

Happy Monday! While you're reading this I am flying back from my spring break trip. I have tons of post coming your way about my trip, along with some VLOGs as well. Since yesterday was my 21st birthday I figured I would do a quick check up on my 22 before 22 list (See Original list here) since there is now 364 days left to complete these items. So let's get started.

Not Even Attempted or Planned for
Currently in Progess

1.Spend a weekend in New York
Unfortnately right now I don't think I can see myself doing that before I turn 22 unless someone wants to give me an all expenses paid trip. But it still an item on my bucket list and I determined to get there someday.

2. Go on weekend road trip with friends
Event though this one is not planned yet I haven't really begun making summer plans so maybe that can be added in their somewhere.

3.Go on vacation with friends
Seeing as my vacation with Hannah and Mandi just finished I would say that is completed. In all honesty I'm writing this before I leave on my trip so if I can remember Sunday night and actually get on the internet from Disney I'll add a picture if not there is bound to many pictures to come. I've decided not edit any pictures or videos while on my trip. I'll them up soon.

4. Start looking into or actually go to Europe.
Okay no I don't have any plans to go to Europe but in my free time I have started to budget out what it would cost me to go on some trips and making some fake plans. The price is scary but I'm hoping it will be in the 2 or 2 and half years. Oh yeah I think Italy is where I'm going to go first.

5. Hold an Internship
I have officially started to look into internships and seeing what is out there for internship. I have decided that I want to try and get one for Fall 2015 as well as hopefully one for summer 2015.

6. Start Researching and looking into job opportunities. 
 I am actually very proud to say that I'm pretty sure that I know that I want to work in social media . Either running a company's social media or working for a HR department by searching and look into people's social media. I'm not a 100% sure but I have some ideas and I have some options.

7. Work on editing my novel and possibly completed it to my satisfaction
Guys I am so proud of myself  because I have worked so hard on my novel! I'm currently on chapter 14 our of like 16 or 17 chapters. But that is only the second draft so I know I still have some ways to go.

8. Get on the Dean's List at School
Okay guys I'm trying really hard but I'm not sure its going to ever happen.

9. Have a good idea of when I'm going to graduate
I'm very excited to say that I'm about 95% sure that I'm going to be graduating in December of 2016, only one semester late!

10. Hold Another Leadership Position on Campus
This is another thing that I'm not sure if its going to happen. I'm having difficulty find clubs on campus that really peak my interest. But I will keep trying!

14. Bring Mama Judy out on my own dime
After paying for my big trip I need to start working towards this goal again. But I feel like it something that I easily could get done in the next 12 months.

15. Set Up a Budget
That is my next big goal! I want to feel comfortable with my finances and not have to stress about money. But also having a good foundation on how to budget when I graduate and all my real bills come in.

16. Increase the money in my savings account.
Basically see above.

17. Look into new yummy recipes to make
Since I don't have a kitchen on campus I don't have the means to make healthier recipe but I will come summer. Plus hopefully I can find some non-cook ones that I can use in the dorm rooms.

18. Start training for a 5K
I am so proud of myself because I have gotten into a really good habit with my gym habits.

The Future
19. Start Taking More Pictures.
I haven't had a lot of pictures to share but I'm starting to look into a nice DSLR camera as well as coming up with adventures worth taking pictures of.

20. Do Research on Where I Want to Live When I Grow Up
So I have been doing a lot of thinking about this lately and I think that when I graduate college I am going to apply all over the country and see where fate puts. Although I would be lying if I didn't say some of dream locations were LA, New York City, Boston or one of Carolinas.

21. Start Saving for a bulldog
I haven't really begun that yet but I probably should, pure breed are expensive dogs.
And that's how I'm doing on my 22 before 22 list. Not as good as I want to be doing but I still have 364 days to do it.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Turning 21

Hello All,

Guess what today is! Its my 21st birthday!
But here's a fun fact about me. I never, not once in my life had a single sip of alcohol. This is a pretty big deal to me. And in all honesty I'm not really sue as to why I waited. Over the years I've had countless different reasons. But over time they always changed. All I knew was that I wanted to try and make it to 21 without drinking.

Sometimes when I tell people that I have never drank they think that because I haven't drank I somehow believe that I am better then them. Well I don't. The way I see it is that as long as you are responsible with you alcohol in take I am in no position to judge. Even if you aren't responsible its not so much of judgement but being worried that you could get hurt. 

Other people are impressed that I was able to wait this long to drink. And to those people I want to say thank you. Trust me, especially in the last year I have wanted to give up on this pact that I made with myself and just find away to get some wine and watch a chick flick. But I waited, I kept reminding myself of how proud I would be for waiting as long as I have. And I am proud. 

My favorite type of person when they find out that I don't drink they are indifferent about it. They just accepted as fact about me. I found a lot of these people in my co-workers. As I was leaving the place where I work the Friday before my trip. They were all giving me tips and asking me I REALLY was going to drink on my birthday. And the answer is yes. 

I don't know if I'll like acohol. But I really hope I find some kind that I like to drink. The mixed drinks like cosmo always look good. And my dad's side of the family knows a lot about wine and like to drink that. I'm pretty excited to see what my drink is and to experience being able to go out to dinner and order a drink. Or even better have a girl's night where we watch movies and drink wine. 

So, yeah I'm pretty excited to turn twenty-one. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Meeting Characters

Hello All,

Happy Thursday! Since I'm traveling today and its Thursday I figured I'd do a travel post today (Don't worry I'm writing it over a week in advance and not wasting vacation time to write a post). 

As many of you know I grew up going to Disney. I have always loved taking part in character meet and greets. It doesn't matter that I'm 20 going on 21 years old. I still find it magical, which is why it always drives me crazy when people look at me and say, "You know that's not the really Insert Character name here.

In a way I find that sentence slightly insulting. I don't care that it may seems a little immature. That wanting to meet the princesses and talking about their side kicks princes may seems stupid. I find doing that magical. It brings make the feeling of being a young child, which is really what Disney is all about. 

I love to look at the candid pictures that cast members take when I meet characters. Especiallly ones like the one above from when I met Princess Tiana. When I look at this picture I see the pure joy of meeting my favorite princess. And I also remember the complete fan girl moments I have when I meet her because I can't think of anything to say and stumble over my words like a babbling idiot. The make me happy.

I think that when you go to Disney you should embrace your #DisneySide and do whatever your favorite things to do are when you're at Disney. Whether you want to meet the princesses or you're a roller coaster junkie. Just do whatever makes you happy.

If you've been to Disney, what have been your favorite parts? Let me know in the comments below.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Favorite Ways to Eat Nutella {A Guest Post}

Hello All,

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'm away on my super fun Spring Break vacation. But don't you fret, I'm working hard to get back into the 2 post a week pattern and left you guys in good hands. I ask my real life friend and blogging friend Natalie to guest post. So without further ado, here's Natalie's guest post!

Hi everyone! I’m Natalie and I blog over at Finding My Voice. Emma asked me to guest post on her blog, and I am so honored. I hope you all enjoy my post, as well as check my blog out!
Nutella and I have been the best of friends since I was a sophomore in high school. However, there are so many ways to eat Nutella. Here’s some of my favorite ways to eat it. 

Strawberries and Nutella: My friend Gabriel and I tried this out over the summer, and I’ve been addicted to it lately. What I do is take a spoon and spoon it over the strawberry. It’s a perfect way to get some fruit and Nutella. #bestofbothworlds

Nutella Crackers: Fun fact: I used to eat these almost everyday for lunch in high school. Take a grahm cracker or a butter cracker and put Nutella in the middle. Perfect snack.

Nutella and Oreos: Have a chocolate craving? Put Nutella on top of a cookie and you’ll have an extra sweet Oreo.

Nutella and waffles: Want to update a plain waffle? Or are you tired of syrup? Spread some Nutella on top and you’ll have a chocolately spread.

Nutella Crepes with Strawberries: This is my new favorite, but crepes and Nutella equals the most perfect mix. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Just a Reminder

Hello All,

I just wanted to remind all of you that if you want to follow along on the magic of my upcoming Disney trip you can by following me on:

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Break 2015 Pre-Trip Post! {Post 2 of 2}

Hello All,

Happy Thursday! AKA travel day! On Tuesday I posted the first part of this post which you can read here. Today I'm going to talk about the final four days of our trip and make a little mini announcement & some social media housekeeping about the trip. So, when we left off it was Thursday so let's get into the weekend part.

We will be venturing to the park that we haven't gotten to yet (at least in the plans) which is EPCOT. As of right now we have 2 days planned for EPCOT. I'm thinking we might spend the majority, if not the whole day in Future World on this day.

The main reason I'm thinking that we'll spend the majority of the day in future world is that our dinning reservations are located at the Living Seas, at the Coral Reef Restaurant. I believe I have eaten at this restaurant before but it has been years. I have heard really good things about it and I'm excited to go back! 

After dinner Mandi and Hannah might watch Illuminations, although I'll probably leave before they start. 

Saturday we will once again be hitting up the Magic Kingdom. But since we've been all to the park at least once, we'll probably sleep in. And possibly park hop on this day. Basically just play it by year. Eventually though we will make our way to Magic Kingdom because we have dinner reservations at the Crystal Palace.

The Crystal Palace is a character meal that features Winnie the Pooh and friends. I have only been to Crystal Palace for breakfast so dinner will be a new experiences. After dinner I believe that we will be heading over to Bay Lake Towers to the Top of World Bar. There we will be meeting my Father so that we can see each other while I'm down there. While at the Top of the World Bar we will get to watch Wishes and it was of the coolest experiences ever! 

After that we might to head to Downtown Disney or hang out at the pool bar, so that at midnight I can get my first legal drink, first drink in general because I have never had a sip of alcohol! 

This is my 21st birthday! The point of the trip was never my birthday. The idea was always to go over spring break, it just happen (as it almost always does now that I'm in college) that my birthday is over spring. We'll probably take this day pretty easy. I'm hoping to get almost all my packing done before we head out for the day because its our last day. 

Ideally this is a day that I would like to park hop. I would really like to go to the Magic Kingdom and see Princess Tiana on my birthday because she's my favorite. But we will eventually make our way over to EPCOT. 

This is the day we'll probably spend the majority of our time exploring World Showcase. For dinner we will be eating at Via Napoli. I have never been to this restaurant before but I'm really excited because I LOVE Italian food!

After dinner we will probably slowly make our way out of the park. Maybe stop in so shops and head back to the hotel. 

Unfortantely Monday is the morning we go home. Our flight leaves Orlando at around 5:20 AM, meaning we'll probably be leaving Disney Property at around 3 AM via the Magical Express. Let's just say getting out of bed will look more like this one this on Monday Morning.

We once again have a layover somewhere, I think Atlanta. Once we're home its time to re-enter reality, go back to school and get homework done. Okay let's me real, I'll probably lay on my couch telling my roommate all about the trip. Or possible editing pictures. 

And that's what a rough look of my Spring Break Disney trip. I am so excited and can't wait to share the trip with you when I return. While I'm away I will be Tweeting, posting some pictures to Instagram and once again posting my picture of the day to The Blog's Facebook page. If you aren't already following me and want to take part in the magic then follow me. (Sorry for the awful self plug). Also there will be 3 post schedule to go live on my blog so keep an eye out for those post.

And FINALLY the mini announcement. For this trip I have officially decided to....


This is the first time I have ever vlogged a trip and I am so excited. It will be a whole new way to share the trip with you guys and work on giving some major TLC to my Youtube channel. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Break 2015 Pre-Trip Post! {Part 1 of 2}

Hello All,

Happy Travel Tuesday! Last Thursday I announced that I am once again returning to Disney World. But this time I paid for my part of the trip all myself. And its my first trip that I've gone on that I'm going with friends instead of family. I am so excited about this trip, like it isn't even funny how excited I am. 

I figured since its Thursday and I haven't been posting a lot I would share with you some of rough plans we have. 

Our flight leaves are local airport at 7 AM but that's okay because its Disney day and I will be wide awake when my alarm goes off around 3:45-4 in the morning.
Me when people ask me how I slept before Disney day.
We have a little over a 3 hour layover in North Carolina and I plan to sleep on the airport floor #noshame. We will finally land in Orlando at about 2 PM. We are taking advantage of Disney Magical Express so we'll head start to the bus and head on out to the Most Magical Place on Earth.
When we get to the hotel we will check-in. The way I see it depending whether or not our room is ready we'll either go to the room, unpack and hang out. Or explore the hotel and/or hang out by the pool while we wait for our room to be ready. 

We have dinner reservations at Chef Mickey's which is a character dinning buffet style restaurant at the Contemporary Hotel. Since Hannah has never been to Disney I made reservations at some character dinning places so she can meet some of the essential characters. 
After dinner we'll play it by ear on how we'll spend the rest of the night. If I had to guess I would say that we will probably just head back to the hotel room and get to bed early. But we will see.

According to our rough plans we are planning to do Animal Kingdom on this day. The park is schedule to open at 8 AM although I don't know if we'll try to make it for park opening.
Animal Kingdom is my least favorite park but I do have some must dos that include the Safari, Mount Everest and Kali River Rapids. As well as seeing the Festival of Lion King. I'm not really sure what we're going to do but it should be fun.

For dinner we have dinner reservations at 1900 Park Fare which is another character meal, buffet style. This time we'll get to meet Cinderella, Prince Charming and Cinderella's step mother and sisters. I think  that the Fairy God Mother might be there too but I'm not sure.

1900 Park Fare is at my favorite resort so we might explore a little and then head back to the room. But like the night before we'll probably play it by ear.

On this day our plan is to head to Hollywood Studio which is scheduled to open at 9 AM. Much like the day before I don't know if we'll aim to get there for 9. Hollywood Studios is my favorite park. I love the atompshere and it has a lot of shows which Mandi will probably like since she's not huge on roller coasters.

For dinner we will be having dinner at 50's Prime Time Cafe which is located in Hollywood Studios. This resturant is a lot of fun. All of the actors play the part of your "baby sitter" and remind you that you can't use your phones at the table, no elbows on the table and basically making sure you polite and well behave. I've been here a couple time but not in a few years I am so excited. I have seen youtube where the "babysitters" put the "kids" in time out for planning on their phones and such. This is one of the dinner I am most excited about!

After dinner the park will be closed or just about to close so we'll play by ear as to what we're going to do. Maybe hit up downtown Disney or go to the pool.

Finally after being in Disney for 2 and half days we will be going to the Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom opens up at 9 AM and I would love to be there for park opening for one of our Magic Kingdom days. Along with that I would also love to have lunch one of those days at Be Our Guest. 
On Thursday our dinner reservations are at my favorite restaurant on all of Disney property. I try my best to get there every time I go, even though on my last trip I was sick. Oh, you're probably wondering what this restaurant is, well it's Tony's Town Square!

P.S. If my future fiance/husband is reading this I want you to know that if you want to propose in Disney, this would be a good place. 

After that we'll probably just hang out in Magic Kingdom and Hannah and Mandi might watch the fireworks. I won't be watching fireworks because I have a fear of loud noises, they give me major anxiety. 

And that's the first half of the trip. I'm going to finish up the rough plans for the rest of the trip on Thursday so keep your eyes peeled. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Disney at Christmas 2014: Final Wrap-Up & Next Trip Announcement!

Hello All,

I had so many posts that I wanted to write for this series but school and life got in the way, plus an over powering case of writer's block I never really got to it. But before I announce my next trip (which is starting in 11 days) I wanted to finish this one up!

Although I was sick for part of this trip I still had a great time at Disney with Mama J. I just wanted to go back and share so of the positives of this trip!

-Getting to spend some awesome quality time with Mama J A.K.A my favorite person on the planet!

-Seeing all the awesome Christmas decorations

-We got to the candle processional and it was really good!

-The Frozen stage show was really good!

-I got to see Hollywood Studio's hat for 1 last time before they took it down

-I met my favorite princess

-I had a great time, in spite of being sick. Plus I feel more grateful every time I travel and don't get sick.

I want to thank you guys for following along on this trip recap. I wish I had had time to write more post but I made sure to get the important things down. If you missed out any of post you can catch them by clicking on the following links:

Now that that is all wrapped up its time to announce my next exciting vacation.

I will once again be returning to Disney. But this time, for the first time I will have paid for the trip all by myself with the exception of hotel which Mama J has been nice enough to let me use her vacation club points for the hotel! I am beyond excited for this trip and the fact that I paid for this trip with my own money!

 Although I am not going by myself I will be joined by my former roommate, Hannah!
From when we went to see Wicked (LtoR: Me and Hannah)
Along with my best friend Mandi!
LtoR; Mandi and me
We will be going down to Disney for our Spring Break and staying 7 nights! Not only that but I will be turning the big 21 while I'm there! I am beyond excited for this trip and can't wait to share more with you guys. I will be doing 1 more pre-trip post within the next week to share the rough plans, but first I need to get through the rest of mid-terms.

I hope you all have a good day and if you are going through mid-terms right now, good luck!