Thursday, March 5, 2015

Disney at Christmas 2014: Final Wrap-Up & Next Trip Announcement!

Hello All,

I had so many posts that I wanted to write for this series but school and life got in the way, plus an over powering case of writer's block I never really got to it. But before I announce my next trip (which is starting in 11 days) I wanted to finish this one up!

Although I was sick for part of this trip I still had a great time at Disney with Mama J. I just wanted to go back and share so of the positives of this trip!

-Getting to spend some awesome quality time with Mama J A.K.A my favorite person on the planet!

-Seeing all the awesome Christmas decorations

-We got to the candle processional and it was really good!

-The Frozen stage show was really good!

-I got to see Hollywood Studio's hat for 1 last time before they took it down

-I met my favorite princess

-I had a great time, in spite of being sick. Plus I feel more grateful every time I travel and don't get sick.

I want to thank you guys for following along on this trip recap. I wish I had had time to write more post but I made sure to get the important things down. If you missed out any of post you can catch them by clicking on the following links:

Now that that is all wrapped up its time to announce my next exciting vacation.

I will once again be returning to Disney. But this time, for the first time I will have paid for the trip all by myself with the exception of hotel which Mama J has been nice enough to let me use her vacation club points for the hotel! I am beyond excited for this trip and the fact that I paid for this trip with my own money!

 Although I am not going by myself I will be joined by my former roommate, Hannah!
From when we went to see Wicked (LtoR: Me and Hannah)
Along with my best friend Mandi!
LtoR; Mandi and me
We will be going down to Disney for our Spring Break and staying 7 nights! Not only that but I will be turning the big 21 while I'm there! I am beyond excited for this trip and can't wait to share more with you guys. I will be doing 1 more pre-trip post within the next week to share the rough plans, but first I need to get through the rest of mid-terms.

I hope you all have a good day and if you are going through mid-terms right now, good luck!

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