Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Break 2015 Pre-Trip Post! {Post 2 of 2}

Hello All,

Happy Thursday! AKA travel day! On Tuesday I posted the first part of this post which you can read here. Today I'm going to talk about the final four days of our trip and make a little mini announcement & some social media housekeeping about the trip. So, when we left off it was Thursday so let's get into the weekend part.

We will be venturing to the park that we haven't gotten to yet (at least in the plans) which is EPCOT. As of right now we have 2 days planned for EPCOT. I'm thinking we might spend the majority, if not the whole day in Future World on this day.

The main reason I'm thinking that we'll spend the majority of the day in future world is that our dinning reservations are located at the Living Seas, at the Coral Reef Restaurant. I believe I have eaten at this restaurant before but it has been years. I have heard really good things about it and I'm excited to go back! 

After dinner Mandi and Hannah might watch Illuminations, although I'll probably leave before they start. 

Saturday we will once again be hitting up the Magic Kingdom. But since we've been all to the park at least once, we'll probably sleep in. And possibly park hop on this day. Basically just play it by year. Eventually though we will make our way to Magic Kingdom because we have dinner reservations at the Crystal Palace.

The Crystal Palace is a character meal that features Winnie the Pooh and friends. I have only been to Crystal Palace for breakfast so dinner will be a new experiences. After dinner I believe that we will be heading over to Bay Lake Towers to the Top of World Bar. There we will be meeting my Father so that we can see each other while I'm down there. While at the Top of the World Bar we will get to watch Wishes and it was of the coolest experiences ever! 

After that we might to head to Downtown Disney or hang out at the pool bar, so that at midnight I can get my first legal drink, first drink in general because I have never had a sip of alcohol! 

This is my 21st birthday! The point of the trip was never my birthday. The idea was always to go over spring break, it just happen (as it almost always does now that I'm in college) that my birthday is over spring. We'll probably take this day pretty easy. I'm hoping to get almost all my packing done before we head out for the day because its our last day. 

Ideally this is a day that I would like to park hop. I would really like to go to the Magic Kingdom and see Princess Tiana on my birthday because she's my favorite. But we will eventually make our way over to EPCOT. 

This is the day we'll probably spend the majority of our time exploring World Showcase. For dinner we will be eating at Via Napoli. I have never been to this restaurant before but I'm really excited because I LOVE Italian food!

After dinner we will probably slowly make our way out of the park. Maybe stop in so shops and head back to the hotel. 

Unfortantely Monday is the morning we go home. Our flight leaves Orlando at around 5:20 AM, meaning we'll probably be leaving Disney Property at around 3 AM via the Magical Express. Let's just say getting out of bed will look more like this one this on Monday Morning.

We once again have a layover somewhere, I think Atlanta. Once we're home its time to re-enter reality, go back to school and get homework done. Okay let's me real, I'll probably lay on my couch telling my roommate all about the trip. Or possible editing pictures. 

And that's what a rough look of my Spring Break Disney trip. I am so excited and can't wait to share the trip with you when I return. While I'm away I will be Tweeting, posting some pictures to Instagram and once again posting my picture of the day to The Blog's Facebook page. If you aren't already following me and want to take part in the magic then follow me. (Sorry for the awful self plug). Also there will be 3 post schedule to go live on my blog so keep an eye out for those post.

And FINALLY the mini announcement. For this trip I have officially decided to....


This is the first time I have ever vlogged a trip and I am so excited. It will be a whole new way to share the trip with you guys and work on giving some major TLC to my Youtube channel. 

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