Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Disney at Christmas 2014: The Christmas Decorations

Hello All,

Let's talk Christmas Decorations!

On of the main reasons that Mama J wanted to go down to Disney at Christmas time was because she wanted to see the Christmas decorations. The decorations were beautiful this year and I took a good amount of pictures of them. Unfortunately we never got to see the one at Magic Kingdom because I was sick.

The first set that we saw were the ones in EPCOT.

French Pavilion
French Pavilion
French Pavilion
French Pavilion, I thought this looked so simply pretty!
American Pavilion Christmas Tree
American Pavilion
A gingerbread capitol building
A gingerbread capitol building
The ingridents for the gingerbread building

I can't remember which Pavilion this was in
Santa Stitch
Epcot looked beautiful all decked out, although we noticed a strange lack of music playing in the pavilion. I missed the music, it took away from the magical Disney feel that I'm used to.

I went to Hollywood Studios the next day, their primary use of Christmas decoration are the Osbore lights, since I didn't stay there until night time I didn't see the lights. There was a tree, it actually was my favorite tree that I saw on Disney property.

The Muppets got in on the Christmas spirit by putting up their own red tree
We also went to two different resorts and saw their decorations as well. The Grand Floridian had a large Gingerbread house, which fun fact they sell treats out of, that's how big it is! They also had a beautiful, large tree!

Alice in Wonderland inspired window
Mickey and friends inspired window

The Contemporary Resort had a Gingerbread display based on the Disney hit Frozen.

And those are all the Christmas decorations that we saw while we were down there, well at least all the ones that I took pictures of. 


  1. The santa stitch and the frozen decorations are so cute!

    1. Thank you! It was literally Frozen World down there, every few steps there was another Frozen style decoration or store. But everything Frozen related was so cute.


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