Sunday, December 7, 2014

Life Update: December 2014

Hello All,

Right now its Saturday night before the last 2 days of classes, the reading day and the first 2 finals. Yup that's what my week looks like for next week. I just spent the majority of the day in my schools student center watching a movie for my film class and writing the final paper for that class. It took me about sevens hours and now I'm exhausted. 

So, that rant was a little out of left field. But I just wanted to check-in with all of you. I hate that its getting rarer and rarer that I get a post out each week and I miss writing so much. This semester has been kind of boring in the way that I haven't done a lot of blog worthy things. I have been bonding with my roommate and hanging out with my friends. I'd much rather write interesting and fun post of things that I want to remember in the future then write a half-assed post that one day I wouldn't want to look back on one day. 

But with all that being said I wanted to talk about how this has been one of the best semester that I have had so far. It has been relaxing which is exactly what I needed after how much stress last year brought me. 

Even with this being one of my best semesters yet I am beyond ready for winter break. I am ready for about four weeks without homework or classes. The bloggy is going to get a little more attention this break with a lot of post including some post Disney recaps, some end of the year recaps and New Year Goals! Plus I'm hoping to give the blog a new look and update my about me page, considering that my old About Me page still says my old major on it still. lol

And since this a life update I wanted to share with you guys things that I'm doing/loving...

Currently I'm....

...reading school books only because I don't have time to read for fun. Although sometimes when I'm lucky I get to binge read (can that be a thing?) some of my favorite blogs.

...watching Fox's Red Band Society, which is rumored to be cancelled. Plus lots of Christmas vlogs on YouTube.

...eating lots of goldfish, college food (bleh!) and Christmas cookies!

...listening to Taylor Swift's 1989 and the Godspell soundtrack (my school did the play and me and my roommate saw it multiple times and have since become obsessed with music)

...excited to go Disney with Mama J and break!

For all the college students out there good luck on finals! And I will see you guys on the other side!


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