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Disney 2015 - Day 3 Hollywood Studios

Hello All,

FINALS ARE OVER!!!! If only I was jet setting off to fabulous location, but I guess reliving my spring trip will have to do. 

On day 3 (Wednesday, March 18) we headed out to Hollywood Studios for the day. We went aimed and successed to get to Hollywood Studios for park open which had us waking up 7 AM.

When we got to Hollywood Studios Hannah parted ways from Mandi and I so that she could ride Rockin' Rollin' Coaster and Tower of Terror with a friend of her's who also happened to be at Disney that week. 

The first stop for me and Mandi was to go to Starbucks where we got some drinks. We then went to try and see the first Frozen First Time in Forever Sing Along but found out that the first show wasn't for about two hours. 

Streets of America
Mandi on Streets of America
The actually carriage used in the Cinderella movie
We started walking around and decided to do some character interactions. I'm going to do a whole post on park character interactions later on so I'm not going to show any pictures here. 

Pixar Place (we met some characters there)
Pixar Place
After we met almost every character there is to meet in Hollywood Studios Mandi and I got in line to get some popcorn. We met a very nice family and talked to them about our trips and how the father and I had the same princess, Princess Tiana. 

After our snack Mandi and I got in line and saw The Little Mermaid show, it was really cute and the puppets were AMAZING! Unfortunately I only got one good picture so I can't do a full post on it, but the show was really cute and I totally recommend, especially if you need like a 20 minute break from the heat.

After the show we were getting hungry so Mandi and I started walking down Sunset Blvd and find a quick service place. We ended up stopping at Rosie's All American Cafe which was a good and had some pretty good food. 

After lunch we went to see the Beauty and the Beast Stage show, which will have its own post coming so you'll have to wait to them. After show Mandi and I had both hit our wall and decided to take some pool time.

Later that afternoon we made our way back for dinner. That's when we met back up with Hannah, she got to a lot of  stuff around Hollywood Studios. That night we ate at 50's Prime Time and I forgot to take picture. The food we got there was really good. Our babysitter (waitress) gave us homework to do which was to name 20 Disney/Pixar movies that only had 1 word in them. Do you think you would do that?

After dinner Hannah decided that she wanted to go to back to the resort and rest because she had been on the go all day. Where as Mandi and I still had some things we wanted to do before we left. Our first stop was the Muppet 3D show. As always the show was super cute and I think Mandi really liked it.

We had some time to kill before the final showing of the Frozen Sing Along. We spent a little bit more time exploring the streets of America.

I have no clue what she's doing, she may have been mad that she couldn't get into the phone booth (Mandi)
Hanging Out on the brownstones (Mandi)
Eventually it was time for the Frozen Sing Along show. Since I have a good amount of pictures from this show I'm going to do its own post on it.

After the show Mandi and I were walking along Pixar Place when I heard cast member say "Happy Birthday" because of my pin. When I looked over it turned out be one of my favorite Disney twitter people, Laura from Journey to Disney (you can follow her here).

LtoR: Laura & Me
After our run in we Laura we headed over and The Great Movie Ride. It was literally a walk on but we got stuck in the back row and it wasn't the best seat. I love going on this ride but I'm pretty excited about the renovations that they are rumored to be planning.

And with that we pretty much closed out the park. If you are interested in seeing the vlog that goes along with this post its right below!

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