Saturday, May 2, 2015

MOVIE REVIEW: The Longest Ride

Hello All,

Last week my roommate Megan and I went to the newest addition to the Nicholas Spark's movie collection, The Longest Ride.

This movie follows Sophia (Britt Robertson) and Luke (Scott Eastwood) as they follow in the love even through (shocker!) they are from two different worlds. But on there first date Luke and Sophia save Ira (Alan Alda) an elderly man who was in a car accident. Ira asks Sophia to grab a box out of his car. While Sophia waits to make sure that Ira is okay she discovers the box is filled with love letters that Ira had written his wife.

LtoR: Sophia (Robertson) and Luke (Eastwood)
As Sophia puts herself out there and let's herself fall in love with Luke she listens to Ira tell the true love story of himself and his wife, Ruth (Onia Chaplin). Sophia learns a lot about life, love and who she wants to be from Ira. 

LtoR: Ira (Alda) and Sophia (Robertson)
Much like every Nicholas Sparks book turned movie this a love story that makes wonder if stories like these even exist. But out of everyone of these movies I think this one might be my favorite. The two love stories made me believe that a love story that true could possibly happen.

LtoR: Sophia (Robertson) and Luke (Eastwood)
I love how the two love stories ran parallel to each but at the same time told their own stories. Another thing I loved about this movie was the camera angles. I know this might sound weird but I liked how during the opening of many scenes the camera would be placed at such an angle that it felt like the characters were being watched. I especially liked that during the flashback scenes because it had the feel like Ira and Sophia were really reliving and watching Ira and Rose's love story unfold.

LtoR: Ira (Jack Huston) & Rose (Chaplin)
If you like Nicholas Spark's movies or just a really good love story I would recommend it. Also for all you out there who are wondering if they can drag their boyfriend to see it, well my friend from my class said he brought is girlfriend to see the movie and actually like it. So, maybe that can help you convince them to go see it with you because it could be a cute date night movie.

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