Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Disney 2015 ~ Frozen Sing Along {Day 3}

Hello All,

Happy Wednesday!

When I went to Disney back in December I saw the new Frozen show at Hollywood Studios. And I wrote all about how much I loved it in this post. So, when I went back in March I knew I had to see it again! And since I already told you guys how much I loved it and not much as changed I figured I would just show you guys the pictures from this time I saw the show.

I just remembered something that did make this show different. While we were waiting in line we were behind this really sweet family while a young girl and boy. The little girl was so excited to see the show and the whole time we were waiting in line she talked about how excited she was to the see the REAL Elsa. And then we were watching the show we were next to them and to see her reaction when she saw Elsa was pure magic! Kids seeing the magic in Disney is one of the main reason that I love Disney and still believe in the magic. 

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