Monday, May 11, 2015

Junior Year Goals Wrap Up

Hello All,

I'm not sure where the time has gone, somehow I have completed my junior year of college and only have two three well 2 more semester and one summer session left of college and then I graduate. I honestly can't wrap my mind around that. But since its the end of the semester its time to check-in with my goals. If you want to see the introduction post you can here and the check-in post from after fall semester here.

Not Even attempted
In Progress

1. Go to the gym 2 times a week
I did really well with this goal for the first many weeks but after spring break life got a little crazy and I fell out of my routine. But those weeks where I was doing well I felt great about myself! I plan to return to the gym this coming summer but one closer to home was well as return next fall.

2. Become More Organized
I was so organized this fall but then I came back in the spring and just lost all my organizational progress. Although I never lost anything important and everything was done on time I still felt disorganized and stress for a good amount of the semester. I did get back on track at the end of the semester thought.

3. Get My GPA Up
I worked really hard this semester and I think I did really well in most of my classes. And the ones that maybe I didn't do as hot in, I do know that I tried my hardest in class and that's what really matters.

4. Talk to One New Person Each Week
I really like this goal but I totally forgot about it. Maybe I didn't talk to a new person every week but I did talk to a lot of new people. I made some friends that I will continue to talk to in the future and some that I probably never talk to again because we didn't exchange numbers and won't be in classes together again. 

5. Try Out New Clubs
Okay I know that I should want to be involved on campus but there really isn't anything that interest me that much. Although I do have an idea of some stuff to do next year, I think I'm mainly going to focus on my school and preparing for the future.

6. Become more adventurous
I don't know if I became more adventurous. I didn't go on a lot of adventures because I was in school all day and worked all weekend.   But I made fun memories even if it was just sitting on the couch laughing with my roommate.

And that's how I did this year with my goals. Stay tune because summer goals are coming up soon as well as many other fun posts to come. 

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