Thursday, May 14, 2015

Disney 2015 ~ One Man's Dream {Day 3}

Hello All,

Did you know that I like history? I actually really like museum and find them interesting. Which is probably a reason why I'm shocked that I never really explored The One Man's Dream Exhbit at Hollywood Studios. 

One Man's Dream is a museum type attraction at Hollywood Studios. When you first walk you are transported back to Walt's childhood. Throughout the museum you see different parts of Walt's life from his childhood, to his career to the making of Disneyland. All the way through Walt's death and into Disney's present. 

It was so cool to see some of the things they had on display. Including Walt's second grade school desk and a set up of how his office was set up in California. It was so cool to get immersed in Disney history. On one of my next trips I would love to spend more time looking through the display and watching the short film they have at the end.

Walt with Shirley Temple
Drawing of Sleeping Beauty's Castle (Disneyland, CA)
Drawing of Sleeping Beauty's Castle with me
Replica of Walt's CA office

Mandi in front of the replica of Sleeping Beauty's castle
Model of Dumbo from the ride 
Replica of Adventureland
Model of Walt's TV show
The project name of Disney World Project
Roy Disney & Mickey Mouse at the Disney World grand opening
Replica of Cinderella's Castle
Replica of Tower of Terror
Replica of Space Ship Earth
A mask from The Lion King stage show
Replica of the D22 offices
Replica of California Adventures
Walt's childhood desk
If you have an interest in Disney history or history in general you should definitely check out this attraction. Also its a great little break from the heat on a hot Florida day.

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