Wednesday, July 16, 2014

You ARE beautiful!

Hello All,

A couple weeks ago I wrote this post about how all these articles are telling college students not to fall in love. Well the next day I saw another post that really got under my skin and pissed me off. It was called "Not Everyone is Beautiful." 

It basically was saying that we shouldn't say that everyone is beautiful because beauty is the same thing as being athletic or smart. They talked about how not everyone can be althetic so not everyone should be labelled as beautiful. 

But articles like this worry me because their are people all over the place hurt themselves because they feel that they aren't beautiful  enough. And articles like this are pushing them even farther into believing that they are one of these people. 

No not everyone is althetic but maybe if you aren't alethetic you are a really good singer, or writer or public speaker or drawer. Basically if you aren't athetic you have some other awesome talent! I don't think that everyone needs to be althetic and that's okay.

But I do think that everyone is beautiful! There is something about every human being out there that makes them beautiful. And to someone out there you are the most beautiful person the planet. And I think that everyone reading this is beautiful!

So, please go and take a selfie and know someone thinks your beautiful!



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