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My Top 30 Gilmore Men!

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So, a few days ago I read this article on buzzfeed about how they would rank the men on Gilmore Girls! I completely disagreed with their list. So, I took the power into my own hands and use the 30 characters they had and rearrange them so that I agreed with the list. So, enjoy!

30. Mitchum Huntzberger
If you didn't hate Mitchum all I have to say...how? He totally tore Rory down before he could see what she could do! Plus he treated Logan like dirt.
29. Rune
He called Lorelai a circus lady. Who does that? She amazing, I want to be her!
28. Jason "Digger" Stiles
He treated Lorelai like dirt, he sued her father and tried to get Lorelai to ditch her family loyalities for him. 
27. Brad Langford
Most people vaugley remember him but he was a nice guy.
26. Henry Cho
He is so un-memberable that I couldn't even find his picture. But he was Lane's first love so there was that.
25. Glenn
He is from Rory's college years. He didn't turn into a major character but he was comic relief.
24. Colin McCrae
The one on the far right
He was a okay friend Logan and brought home a milk maid but that's about all I know.
23. Finn
He was similar to Colin but he was funnier.
22. Marty
He loved Rory, she didn't love him back and then he lied to his girlfriend when Rory walked back into his life acting like he had never met her before. 
21. Tristan DuGrey
He had a little Elementary school crush on Rory. He made fun of her because he liked her. Unfornately they are only a what could have been because Tristan moved to One Tree Hill and changed his name to Lucas Scott. LOL.
20. Dean Forester
I HATED Dean. He wasn't the worse of the worse but he doesn't deserve to have a place any higher then this. He was too controlling of Rory and that's just not cool.
19. Dave Rygalski
Lane's first love. And he did absolutely everything in his power to win Mrs. Kim over so that he could date her. But much like Tristan moved away, this time to the OC and changed his name to Seth.
18. Tom
Another one I couldn't find a picture of but he was the friendly Stars Hollow contractor. I don't know I just liked him.
17. Taylor Doose
He was just Taylor. I loved to be annoyed with him because he was Taylor.
16. Jamie
Jamie was Paris' first love and got cheated on but remain a nice guy until the end.
15. Gil 
Gil was a character to say the least but then again, everyone in Stars Hollow was a character. LOL
14. T.J.
One of the funnest man child on TV.
13. Brian Fuller
The nerdy band member. He was so geeky it was perfect. Plus he went above and beyond the call of duty of man mate & best friend after Lane and Zack had there baby. I just wish we got see him fall in love more then the mini clips we got once and while.
12. Zack Van Gerbig
Not the sharpest tool in the tool box. But he loved Lane. Even though he was a bit of ladies' man pre Lane, when they got together he was willing to wait. And when him and Lane broke up he was completed destroyed and made it as official as possible when they got back together by proposing. And I think they probably made a pretty rocking dad to his twins!
11. Morey Dell
Morey was a mystery. A man a very few words. But he cared about his wife Babette and seemed like he had a really really good heart. 
10. Doyle McMaster
He loved Paris, which let's be honest probably isn't all that easy. He was willing to drop everything and move where ever she wanted to go law/medical school. He fought for her and that one time they broke up wouldn't take no for answer.
9. Christopher Hayden
Love him or hate him, he did do one great thing in the Gilmore Girls world, he brought Rory into it! And even though he wasn't a overly involved dad he did love Rory for who she was.
8. Max Medina
Although he wasn't the one he loved Lorelai, like a lot. He was willing to take on the responsibility to becoming a step father to a teenage girl. 
7. Kirk Gleason
There are no real words to describe Kirk. But I did love his awkwardness and feel that my life is lacking a Kirk, anyone fit the billing let me know.
6. Michel Gerard
The sass master himself! I love him and find him hilarious! I actually have a real life friend who isn't kind of like Michel!
5. Jackson Belleville
He was just an overall good guy. He loved his family and treated the whole town nicely.
4. Logan Huntzberger
Yes, Logan, I will marry you. Rory won't but I will. I loved the way that Logan treated Rory. He loved her a lot but he just wasn't the one for her. There lives were going different ways but that doesn't make him a bad guy!
3. Jess Mariano
Oh, Jess. A lot of people hate him because he just left Rory. But did you watch season 6? It was because of him Rory went back to school. And he didn't blow up at her and become rude to her when she told him she still loved Logan. He was stoic about it. I actually read somewhere that they wanted him to come back for the series finale but he couldn't be there.
2. Richard Gilmore
This man loved his family. He loved Emily and Rory and Lorelai. He didn't know how to show it Lorelai. He had a very big place in his heart for Rory though. He shared his love of books and reading the paper with her. He was protective and proud of her. He did just about anything to give her the life that he couldn't give Lorelai.
1. Luke Danes
I'm sorry Christopher but Luke was more of a father to Rory then you were. He baked her a coffee cake for her birthday. He bought her present and helped her move into college. He went to high school graduation and when Lorelai and her weren't speaking he still welcomed her into the dinner because he knew she needed him. He was a constant in her life. And as for Lorelai, no one ever loved her more and no one ever would. Somewhere in Stars Hollow him and Lorelai are bickering and enjoy the town shenanigans because that's what they do.

And that is how I would rate the top 30 men in Gilmore history. If you are a fan I dare you to rank the men. Its not an easy task. If you don't want to rate everyone who would be your top pick? Let me know!

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  1. I LOVE Luke! i wish he can marry my mom and be my step dad. I love this list! :)


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