Friday, July 18, 2014

COLLEGE TIPS: Changing Your Major is OKAY!!!

Hello All, 

A few months back I wrote this post about how I changed my major. I went into college thinking that the only thing that I could be when I grew was teaching. It was the only thing that I could picture myself being. But one day I woke up and knew that I had been wrong.

It took me a while to tell anyone that I wanted to change my major. For the longest time I had wanted to be a teacher and I was worried I would be letting people down by changing my major. But it was actually the complete opposite when I told my family (at Thanksgiving) that I had changed my major. They were all very surprised but supportive. 

One of my best friend told me she had always told me that she couldn't see me being a teacher, although she knew I was good with kids she thought that I would make a better mom then a teacher. And one of my aunts told me she wasn't surprised, she told me that she always had wonder if it was really my dream or not. 

There wasn't a single person in my life who didn't support my decision to change my major. There were a lot of questions I had to answer like why? And what are you going to do now? And those questions are hard to answer. Sometimes its just easier to say what you don't want rather then what you do want! 

But for all you college students out there who are struggling or ashamed with the thought that they might have changed there mind from their childhood dream to something more them, trust me from someone whose been there and is still going through it, its perfectly OKAY to change your mind!

Follow your heart because its normally pretty smart! If don't think its for you or it no longer makes you happy then change it, move on. Your happiness is more important then what you may have written in a five years from now I will be...essay. 

I wish I could tell you that deciding to chang your major was easy but in reality its not. A lot of times you have to get a whole new academic advisor, you have to change you course plans you might have made. Sometimes you lose a lot of your credits and it sets back your graduation date! 

But in the long wrong you will probably be happier doing something that you are passionate about rather then what your high school self thought would be cool so you checked it off on a college application. 

Good luck to all the incoming freshmen to colleges and don't forget to follow your dreams!

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