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Big Brother 16 Recap {Week One}

Hello All,

I am so excited for this season's Big Brother game. I love the players and the drama that is bound to unfold! So, let's just get started!

After last week's recap (link down below) we know that 2 HOH's were Caleb and Frankie, for the remainder of the summer HOH will be the first comp talked about in this section. 

The first competition was the Battle of Block comp called the pouring twenties. This competition was played between the 2 partners of of nominees who were Brittany & Victoria  and Donny & Paola. In the comp they had to swing back forth on swings. One person would fill a cup up with champagne go to the other side throw it to there partner who swing over and try and fill their cup of grapes. The first group whose grapes fall out would win.

Although Paola had a very hard time with the comp (as seen above). While Brittany and Victoria had next to non making the the winners!

For POV they had a competitions known as Miami Lice! In this comp the players had to run through water under a brush and gather lice shaped letters and then run back to spell the longest word. This comp was played by Donny, Paola, Caleb, Victoria, Zack and Cody.

LtoR: Zack, Victoria & Cody
Most of the players had some huge issues spelling. Zack was able to spell a word correctly but its Donny who took the win correctly spelling splitters. 

With the new Twist made it that the 2 HOHs nominated 2 nomination each. Caleb nominated first and he nominated Paola and Donny as the first male and female to follow during the competitions. Frankie was the second one to nominate and chose Brittany and Victoria for being the first to fall in their HOH competition. 

After the battle of the block Donny and Paola was left up on the block. And after POV Donny took himself off the block, leaving Caleb to nominate a replacement which was Joey.

Joey attempted to keep the all girl's alliance going but that failed miserable with none of the girls wanting to rock the boat that fast.

And unofficial but still good alliance going on is the one between Christine and Nicole who are besties and so cute!

But the biggest alliances right now was started by Devin, called the bomb squad. It started as an all male alliances including, Devin, Frankie, Caleb, Cody, Zack and Derrick. Then without talking to the rest of Bomb Squad Devin invited Christine and Amber into the alliance causing some waves.

Devin also said his alliance with Donny was fake and that Donny is actually on his list of people to get out.

The only showmance as of right now is Caleb and Amber although is more one way. Caleb is love and Amber is just kind of like eh, whatever. Frankie describe it best by  compare it to an 8th grade relationship. 

Caleb and Amber in the HOH room

The wasn't a lot of blow ups or tears or screaming matches that they showed on the show. I know that the live feeds had some drama but none was brought into the edited show.

When Thursday came it was time for the house guests to evicted the first house guest. Which brought back flash backs of last season with the whole house voting together. Making the Joey the first eviction of the Big Brother house!

Each week I will choice a player that I think made the best game moves this week. 

This week I didn't see any huge game moves, at least ones that were positive. So, with that being said the player that I am choosing to be the player of the week is one who pulled out a surprise win and one that America see fit to be on their alliance! This week's player of the week is...

If you're a Big Brother fan what did you think of this week's episode? Who would you chose as your player of the week? Let me know in the comments. And if you want to know what I'm thinking during the episode you can follow me on Twitter because I live tweet as many episodes as I can.

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