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Big Brother 16 Recap {Week 2}

Hello All,

This week on Big Brother was intense so let's jump right in!

The first competition was the HOH comp. The house was split into two different groups of boys vs. girls. They had to walk across a balance beam carrying a keg. 
The girls went first and had a pretty uneventful race. Amber was the first to finish the race for the girls making her one of the 2 HOHs. The boys race was much more intense. Through the majority of the race Hayden was in the lead but right before he got to the buzzer he fell of the beam which disqualified him. Cody was close behind him but he jumped to hit the buzzer but his foot hit the ground before the buzzer so although they thought he won it turns out that because his foot hit the floor he was disqualified. Meaning that Devin who came in 3rd was the other HOH!

The next competition was the battle of the block which was played between Hayden & Nicole versus Brittany and Paola. In this game they were asked a question and then shown pictures that flashed up on the screen for a few seconds at a time. When they found the answer they'd buzz in. If they got it right they got a point. If they got it wrong the other team gets the point and they other team gets to choice a punishment for them. This game was uneventful but it ended with Hayden and Nicole winning and taking themselves off the block.
One of the pictures they were shown
The final competition was the POV competition which was played by Devin, Brittany, Paola, Amber, Derrick and Zack. In this competiton they had to balance a bunch of planets named after some big player and alliances in BB History. The planets came in different sizes and had to be balanced just so. The competition was neck and neck until close to the end. But overall Devin was the winner.

The original nomination were Hayden and Nicole who were nominated by Amber. And then Brittany and Paola who were nominated by Devin. After Hayden and Nicole won the Battle of the block it left Brittany Paola on the block.

Right before POV Devin told Paola that if he won he would take in off the block. But after winning Devin started having second thoughts. And after talking to Brittany and having heart to heart about being a parent and Devin choice to take Brittany off the block. His replacement nominee was Zack making it so that the final two nominees were...

I'm going to talk a lot about the bomb squad in a different section. But there are two new alliances forming. The first one is adding onto the Nicole and Christine alliance. They decided to add in Hayden and they are the nerdiest alliance but I love them because my two original choices to win are in the alliance.

The other alliance is Team America. It was 3 players that America voted in to complete missions. Although the three of them also decided to stick together in order to keep each other safe.  This alliance is made up of Donny, Frankie and Derrick.

Continuing from last week Caleb continued his useless chase for Amber. Its not going anywhere anytime soon.
The next showmance is so adorable. Although they seem to be trying to keep it under wraps from the other house guest the camera catch everything and Nicole and Hayden are too cute in my mind!
The final showmance is not so much of a love connection as a bromance that may have already ended (at least according to things I've heard on Twitter about Live Feeds). But this connection is between Frankie and Zack and I LOVE them!
This week there was some big drama that mainly revolved around Devin. As soon as he went up as HOH he became power hungry. It started by putting up Brittany for personal reasons and the trying to force everyone in the bomb squads hand into voting her out. But then at eviction meeting when Devin took Brittany off the block and put up an alliance member Zack the meeting exploded. And the bomb squad was reveiled and everyone had to do damage control in order to get back in everyone's good graces.


After the Power of Veto meeting the house ran around like mice trying to figure out who they'd be voting for. And by the time voting started it was anyone's guess who the house would evicted. But by a 8 to 2 the house decided to evict...

Although I was sad to leave, she wasn't really playing the game so leaving was probably for the best. 

This week there were quite a few people that I could see make this list. There were some moves made and it made this decision tough. But I decided that there was one person who stood up for what they believed in instead of letting his alliance control him. He also worked hard to mend fences after a slight blow up during the POV ceremony. And because of that this weeks player of the week is....

And that concludes this weeks Big Brother recap! What did you think of this week's Big Brother? Who would you name your player of the week? Let me know in the comments below!

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