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Big Brother Recap {Week 6}

Hello All,

Before I start this week's recap I want to send my condolences out to Frankie's family after the lose of their grandfather. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you! 

For this week's HOH the house guest were randomly partnered up and put behind cages. They then had to work with their partners to get the eggs from one side to the other. But the catch was, the egg was on the opposite of the fences and the houseguest had to use their fingers that were in the holes.
Although through the majority of the competition was neck and neck between the leaders but in the end Cody and Frankie brought out the win!

That then brings us to the Battle of the Block  This was played between Jocosta, Brittany, Amber and Victoria. They each started on one of the corners of the chess board. Then they each took turns moving in a L formation. Once they had no more they were eliminated. The last one left was Amber, taking her self and Jocosta off the block.
LtoR: Jocasta, Amber, Brittany & Victoria
The final competition was the Power of Veto. This week is was played by Cody, Amber, Victoria, Nicole, Caleb and Zach. They each took turns using this kicking contraption and kicking a soccer play into different sections the player with the lowest score was eliminated. Each player was given either a prize or punishments. But the grand winner was Victoria!

The opening nominations were Cody nominating Victoria and Brittany with Brittany being the primary target. Frankie went on to nominate Jocosta and Amber, who was part of the Team America challenge to nominated the biggest physical threat. 

After the Battle of the Block, Frankie was dethroned and Jocasta and Amber were no longer on the block. After Victoria won POV, she took herself off the block leaving only Brittany. Cody spent move of the time convinced he was going to backdoor Caleb but then Frankie and Donnie talked him out of it and he ended up nominating Donny as a pawn. Leaving the nomination as...

With the bomb squad completely dissolved it was time to build new alliances. With another power alliance (one that I am totally loving) starting. This alliances is made up of Frankie, Cody, Zach, Derrick and Christine. They call themselves the Detonators and I think have a good chance of sending a few of the players into the final 3. 
 They didn't really look into any of the other alliances so I'm guessing the Christine, Hayden & Nicole alliance is still happening as well as an unnamed alliance between Donny and Jocosta.

Hayden and Nicole kissed! So, I guess their showmance is going strong. Except none of the other house guest seem to care so the showmances hasn't put any pressure on their game play.

Caleb's creepy obsession with Amber is about ready to ruin his game. He is pretty much alone in the house and is losing alliances left and right because of it. And although it wasn't on the live show I did hear that one night Caleb and Amber had date one night but that was something I heard on twitter so I don't really know anything about it.
There was a lot of tension between Caleb and Cody off Amber. But no words were exchanged and it has yet to blow up yet. 

The house once again voted together with a 10-0 vote to evicted Brittany!
Although there was a heart felt moment of getting to see Brittany reunited with her 3 kids. Although she was sad to leave the show but you could tell how delighted she was to see her kids
This week's player of the week was a difficult decision because there weren't any huge moves done this week. Yes, Brittany was a strong player but getting her out wasn't huge. So, then I thought about the other stuff that happened. I realized while looking through the BB16 hash tag and I remembered that there was a player who has wormed their way in to all the powerful alliances. With that being said this week's Player of the Week goes to...

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