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DCL Recap: Meeting Character {9}

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Did you guy's miss your DCL Recap on Tuesday? Because I did!

One of my favorite part of going to Disney is meeting the different character. Yes, I know that when I got see Mickey Mouse its not the REAL Mickey Mouse but there is still something so magical about it! So, today I just wanted to share some of my interactions and pictures.

The first characters I met this trip were Chip and Dale. I met them on Formal night they were dressed in their tux. So, cute! My favorite part of the interaction was when one of them danced with, unfortunately I didn't get a picture of that. 

LtoR: Chip, me (yup, I'm not the one wearing the tux) & chippy
The next morning I was exploring the ship, not quite sure what to do when I noticed Daisy Duck doing a meet and greet. She was so sweet. Through her miming (and the help of cast member) we had a conversation about how much I loved her dress with anchors.

Just two girls being fab!
Giving Daisy some love!
While I was waiting in line for Daisy I noticed another BIG character meet and greet forming! Every morning the princesses have a gathering where they bring all the princesses who on the boat out to meet people. Original I figured I wouldn't want to wait in line but there were not a lot of people in line so I jumped in. If you are traveling with your own Princess I would sent someone to jump in line early because they close the line fast.

During their entrance, Belle
And Princess Tiana
The first princess I met was Cinderella. When I was younger that was my favorite Princess. When I went up to her I told her how I hadn't seen her in forever and she told she had missed me. I totally felt like a little girl again! It was perf!

Next I met Princess Tiana and I may have fan girled little from meeting my favorite. We talked about our specialty from where from and her home states! We talked for a while and it was great!

After I told she was my favorite she said she had to give a hug!

Next up was Ariel. She was the best interaction of the whole princess group! We talked about how I wanted to ride the Aqua Duck at night and she said Flounder wanted to do that as well.

Intense conversation!

Next was Belle. She had hard time talking to me because she didn't know how talk to someone who wasn't 5 but whatever.

The finally princess was Jasmine. We talked about how Aladdin liked to steal apples from Cabanas (the free dinning area).

The next time I met characters was on Castaway Cay. First I ran in to Chip and Dale. We once again we danced and had a great time! They are my favorite costume characters. The are always fun!

Cute candid!
Giving some hugs!
Talking about swimsuits
Looking cute!
As I was walking along I saw Goofy and met him. We took some Goofy pictures and the Goofy pictures are some of my favorites!

What a gentlemen!
Being thoughtful!
Being goofy!
Cute picture!
 The last photo was taking candidly. I was saying good-bye to Goofy but it looks like I was dissing him. I wasn't I swear! 

Later that night I met Goofy again but this one wasn't as memorable!

And I met Princess Tiana again because she's my favorite. We talked about how I was going to visit her in Magic Kingdom which I did. I loved the Tiana that they had on the boat. She was perfect, sweet and made it magical for a 20 year old meeting her favorite princess because at heart she's 5!

 Last character was once again Princess Tiana but this one was in the park. She wasn't as good and kind of rushed me through our meet and greet. But I got meet Naveen which was cool!

LtoR: Tiana, me and Naveen!
And those are all the characters I met. I love meeting characters and will probably be meeting them until I have kids of my own to bring to meet!

-P.S. This week's Youtube video was Disney related so check it out! 

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