Saturday, July 19, 2014

Big Brother 16 Recap {Week 3}

Hello All,

Happy Weekend! Being that its Saturday it obviously means its time for a Big Brother Recap right?

This week wasn't as exciting as last week because we all kind of knew what was going to happen. So, let's begin!

In this competition each house guest turn hitting a ball hoping to land it in the highest number hole. These competitions were pretty quick we knew the winner soon. This week's starting HOHs were Nicole (with the highest score) and Derrick. 
The Practice Rounds
and eachSource
For Battle of the block played Donny & Amber and Caleb & Jocasta. Since they work as partners one person was hooked up to a harness and the other person would run away pulling the person up grab and puzzle piece and run it back to there partner. When the one in the harness was pulled up they were brought to a maganet board where they would put the puzzle together. Donny and Amber were the winners! 
 The final competition was the Power of Veto. This week is was played by only 5 players because Jocasta was too sick to play. For this they would go head to head and would climb into a giant dice and figure out how to get the right number facing upwards. Everyone's goal was to get Devin out but it wasn't until little old Donny got him out of competition and eventually won it all!

This whole week the plan was to back door Devin so the two heads of households went for anyone BUT Devin. Nicole put up Amber and Donny while Derrick put up Caleb and Jocosta. After Battle of the Block Donny and Amber were taken off leaving Caleb and Jocosta

After winning POV Donny took Jocosta off the block in order to help house plan success and throwing Devin up on the block! making it nominations...

The bomb squad has complete been blown up and no longer exist. Although there seem to be some new alliance forming but none are definite! 

Nicole and Hayden's little showmance is still going and is still adorkable!
The Zach and Frankie showmance/bromance was not feature that much this week.

But the pick update is the new found love triangle between Caleb, Amber and Cody. Caleb is a creepy and always looking to see where she is. Where as Cody and Amber have a little bit friendship that could blossom to more. We'll see!
The main drama was from the love triangle above!

For the majority of the week the plan was to back door Devin. But in the few days between POV and eviction night there was some talk of evicting Caleb but in the end the house voted together to evicting...

Some Big Brother fan might not agree with my pick this week. But I think that this player was the mastermind behind getting out one of the biggest threats in the house. I do believe that if Devin had stayed in the house they would have lost sight of him as a target and could have used that to his advantage. Because of that the person who mastermind his eviction deserves to be my player of the week.

Who would be your player of the week? What did you think of this week? Let me know in the comments below!

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