Thursday, April 30, 2015

2 Year Stats

Hello All,

Yesterday the World According to Emma achieved its 2 year blogiversary. Today I'm writing a post that I mainly write for myself because I like to see how far my blog has come. I understand if no one reads this post and will have no hard feelings.

Yearly Stats:
-436 Posts
-30,096 Views (30,000 views was hit on my 2 year)

Top 5 of the Year Post:

My favorite posts of the year:

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

730 Days and Counting {2 Year Blogiversary}

Hello All,

And happy 2 year anniversary to this wonderful little corner of the internet! It is beyond crazy to think that 730 days ago I climbed in my small twin size bed in room 407 (I'm not telling you the dorm building) writing this post. Recently I was reading the post in Megan and she told me I should redo this post and talk about the people I spend the majority of my time now. And I thought why not.

Just like 730 days ago Mama Judy is still the most important person in my life. She's still my best friend and I'm beyond grateful that I have her as my biggest fan!

Circa May 2012 & before I watermarked photos
Circa August 2014 and still a big momma's girl
Although I don't talk about him often Father is still a big part of my life.

The Picture from the original post
As time went by I lost touch with a lot of my friends that I was friends with in the beginning of the blog but have gained new ones. The people who I lost touched with over the years are still amazing people and I wish them nothing but the best. But some have stood the test of time. 

First is my oldest friend in the world, Amelia, who is currently study aboard in London and looks like she's having the time of her life!

Still my favorite picture of us, circa 2005ish
The most recent picture of us circa August 2014
Next is Tori who to this day always let's me be myself as well bring out the child in me. I'm so grateful to be able to call her one of my best friends!
Circa November 2012
we may have grown up a little
Okay maybe not
The final friend who I am still friends with from my original post is Mandi! I can't imagine my life without her. She is always there to talk and let me spill all my feelings. I am so grateful to call this girl one of my best friends in the world and can't wait to see where our friendship will take us!
Circa April 2013 days before the blogs creation
Our Disney trip, March 2015
I feel so blessed to have these lovely ladies in my life and know they will continue to be there for years to come!

Over the last school year I have grown very close with one of my roommates, Megan, and can't wait to continue living with her next year. This girl gets me better then most people have met before. We are insane when we are together and never stop laughing. Unfortunately I don't have a picture with her yet but hopeful someday in the future soon.Through Megan I was able to meet one of her great friends Emili who is so sweet and fun to hang out with. I really hope that the 3 of us can hang out over the summer and go on some cool adventures. 

Since starting the blog so much has changed in my life. I start out as an education major and since have changed to a liberal studies major. I went from being super involved on campus to keeping to myself a little more. I was not as confident. I have found an large love for sharing my life online from blogging to vlogging I have fallen in love with this community. But most importantly I have found a hobby that will probably follow me through the rest of my life.

As of today this blog has been live on the internet for 730 Days or about 17,520 hours give or take a few hours. Those two numbers blow my mind! I can't wait to see what the next 365 days have to offer like my last official summer break, the majority of senior year, my last year living on campus and so many other thins that I can't even begin to imagine.

For those of you have been following me along for even the shortest amount of time, I want to thank you, although I write this blog for myself, for the memories, its nice to know or think that people are out their and reading what I have to say.

And if you're new, welcome, I hope that you continue to follow along and don't be shy, say hi!

So, Happy Blogiversary The World According to Emma, I can't wait to see where our world take us next year!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Disney 2015 ~ 1900 Park Fare {Day 2}

Hello All,

So, we've been talking about day 2 of my Disney trip for close to what feels like forever. But I hope you've been enjoying the posts. Today going to be the last post about 2 & the last Disney post until after finals.

On our second night we ate at 1900 Park Fare for dinner. This was our second of three character dinning experiences. For this character dinning we met Cinderella, Prince Charming, Lady Termaine and the 2 evil step sisters Anastasia and Drizella. 

When it came to to the actual service our waiter didn't come over a lot which was a big change from first character meal where we had an amazing waitress. Not to say that he wasn't good he just didn't live up to the other waiters and waitresses we had had through out our trip.  

When it came to the food 1900 Park Fare had some really good food. I can't remember if it was Mandi or Hannah (maybe both) who said 1900 Park Fare was there favorite buffet that we had during out trip. I really enjoyed the food but I would rank it number 2 out of 3 when it came to our buffets.

But our favorite part of the meal was without a doubt the character interactions. They all spent time with us, made us laugh and worked off each other well. My favorite character that we met was Anastasia. (You can watch out character interactions by watching my vlog)

Overall we all enjoyed this character meal and I think we all would return. I would actually add this to my list of favorite Disney restaurants.

Now for the pictures...
LtoR: Prince Charming and Hannah
LtoR: Prince Charming and Mandi
LtoR: Me and Prince Charming
LtoR: Hannah & Cinderella
LtoR: Cinderella and Mandi
LtoR: Me and Cinderella
LtoR: Lady Termaine & Mandi
LtoR: Hannah and Lady Terrmaine
LtoR: Me and Lady Terrmaine
LtoR: Anastasia & Mandi
LtoR: Hannah & Anastasia
LtoR: me & Anastasia
LtoR: Hannah, Drizella & Mandi
LtoR: Me and Drizella
 As I said in the beginning of the post this will be the last Disney post before finals. Next week I will be celebrating my blogiversary and the week after is finals. If you are interested in guest posting anytime between Monday May 4 through Thursday May 7 email me at I would love to have you!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Disney 2015: Petting Zoo {Day 2}

Hello All,

Happy Earth Day! So, I swear I wrote this post already but I can't find it! If you ever find a re-make of it that's why its doubled posted.

Oh yeah! And before we begin you can read the general day 2 posts here and here.

I'll be the first to admit, in fact I'm pretty sure I have admitted here that I'm not Animal Kingdom's biggest fan. But since it was Hannah's first trip, obviously we had to go. Mandi somehow learned that there was a petting zoo in Animal Kingdom. And kept talking about it all day! 

After investigating the map I found the petting zoo also know the Conservation Station, formerly the Rafaki Planet Watch. After lunch we headed over there to check out the animals, Mandi was excited.

In the petting zoo area there was 2 donkeys who were very asocial and would walk away as soon as human's came close. They had 1 cow who was completely surrounded because it was the only animal that was reachable by petters. As well as a group of goats and sheep who had this whole jungle gym/playground set-up to chill on. 

Mandi walked around a lot and checked out the animals. Hannah checked out a few animals and then went to a near by shop. I sat on a bench and looked at some animals. We were all hot (at the time we weren't use to warm weather after crazy  winter we had), tired and pretty much done with the day. 

I got some pictures of the animals so enjoy.

Lazy goat aka Mandi's favorite

Evil Goat King goat

the cow
The petting zoo was cute, it wasn't exactly the most exciting thing for 3 college girls but it definitely was cute. If one day when I have my own kids (Don't worry Mama J that isn't for many years) this is still open I will definitely bring them because I think they would have ball.  

Monday, April 20, 2015

Tori Came to Visit {April 2015}

Hello All,

Wow the last few week have been super busy and they are just going to continue to be busy. I probably should do a life update in the next weeks to catch you guys up. A few weekend ago Tori came to visit me at school again! Do you guys remember when she came last year? No well you can read about that visit here. But this time Tori came for 2 nights instead of 1!

During the day Megan (my roommate) and I had a school event we had to attend and then we watched Ask Me Anything which was really weird and left us with our minds blown but not in a good way. Then we meet Tori half way between mine and Tori's hometown and school. We met her at a Five Guys and had some dinner then. After dinner we went back to school and watch The First Time which is one of our favorite movies. 

We got up some what early and got ready to head out. Our first stop was the grocery store to pick up some props. Then we head to the state park Sliver Sands State Park in Milford, CT and did a mini photo shoot for my blog's 2nd anniversary. While we were there we took some other pictures as well.

All the way in the background is Tori and the closer up is Megan

Take 1
Take 2
The cute one
The even cuter one
After beach we went to visit our friend Emili at her work and then headed over to the mall. Our first stop was Buffalo Wild Wings because we were starving! And then we explored the mall and the different stores. I bought two pairs of shoes and new necklace. 

After the mall we came back to school and watch a movie and had dinner at the dinning hall. For dessert we order Insomina cookies and played heads up and Foosball. And just had a blast being silly. It was so much fun and I was beyond tired by the end of the night.

On Sunday Megan got to sleep in while I drove Tori back to our meeting spot and met Mama J to see Cinderella (Read the review). I also did a little bit of window shopping with Mama J and then went back to school and hung out with Megan again. 

It was such fun weekend and I can't wait to see Tori more over the summer when we're both home from school as well as go on some pretty fun adventures with Megan! 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Disney 2015: Our Safari Adventure {Day 2}

Hello all,

Lion and Tigers and Bear! Oh My! That is all I could think of the whole time I was riding the safari.

I'll be honest with all of you Animal Kingdom has NEVER been my favorite park. But if I'm going to do anything while I'm in Animal Kingdom I must go on the safari. Who doesn't want to see Animals while riding in car?

This was the first ride we rode while on our Disney journey. We waited about 30-40 minutes to get on the ride. Mandi was happy because the majority of que was outside which meant she could try and find some sunshine. Plus she could hug her favorite type of tree, the palm tree.

When we finally got to the ride car itself we were placed in to the back row and it was just three of us which was nice. Another bonus was that our safari tour guide was pretty damn cute himself. This was the first time I had been on the safari ride since they changed up the story. I liked the new story, it was fun and exciting. 

Both Hannah and Mandi liked the ride. Mandi was super excited to see the giraffes as well as some palm trees. 

Now enjoy all the pictures I took.

Mandi soaking up the sun in her natural habitat 

We got to see this bird while waiting in line


A guy walking across the safari on some sort of trek thing that guest can  do at Animal Kingdom





I can't remember what kind of animal this is but the tour guide told us that they can go their whole lives with out drinking
I loved riding the safari and can't wait to go on again in the future.