Monday, April 29, 2013


Hello All,

My name is Emma, and I will be host or blogger. I've been looking for a place to tell my stories and share my life. 

I'm finish up my freshmen year of college! I am double majoring in Elementary Education and History. I live on campus and love spending time with my friends. This year I was super involved in my future teacher's club on campus and next year will take on the rule of secretary! I'm so excited to start that next year.
Some other things you should know about me is that I have a couple of fandoms. Gilmore Girls, Boy Meets World and Disney are probably my biggest. I consider myself a television nerd and will watch just about any television show out there at least once. And my guilty pleasure (even though its not really a secret) is reality TV. But something that makes me unique as a college student is that I don't do drugs, smoke and have decide that I want to wait to drink until my 21st birthday. 

Now I'm going to introduce you to some of the most important people in my life.

First my mom, we'll call her Mama J because me and my friends call her Mama *insert my last name that I won't share online here***

This  picture of us at my senior prom almost a year ago. She is my best friend, my hero and my inspiration. She believes that I can do anything that I put my mind to. I know that I won't be half the person I am with out her. This picture really sums up our relationship because we are always laughing and having fun together, unless were having a typical mother/daughter fights. But I truly believe that we are an example of a real life Gilmore Girls. 

Next is my father, we'll call him Father because when I talk about him I call him Father.

I don't see him often because he lives in a different state but he's still important in my life. He is the reason that I love Disney, this picture is actually a picture of our last trip to Disney. I also think he's the person to blame for my love of pop culture because he loves old movies. 

Next is my oldest friend in the world, Amelia.

This is my favorite picture of us in the whole world from when we were in like fifth grade.

I met her in pre-school when we were about 3 years old. We grew up in 2 different towns about 30 minutes away from each other but we manged to stay friends. Now we go to schools in different states but we still have stayed close. When we little we told people we were sisters and now she might as well be my sister. She is one person that I know will be in my life through thick and thin. 

Next we'll do my friends from back home:
First is Tori

This picture pretty much sums up our relationship. She is the first friend other then Amelia who I was ever completely and 100% myself around. We love to joke around take funny pictures and just be funny. She's finishing up her junior year in high school but were still super close. While I'm away at school we write journal entries to each other to keep each other up to date on our lives. 

Then their Cayla

This is us at my senior prom. We met in my high school drama club when I was a sophomore and she was a freshmen. We have kept in touch while I'm at college through facebook, twitter, instagram and skype. I think our relationship has grown stronger and I think we'll be friends for years to come. 

Last is Hannah C.:

We met junior year of high school. We clicked almost instantly and she is always there for me no matter what I'm going through. We are complete opposites but couldn't get along any better. She decided not to go to college so I only get to see her when I go home but I know when we see each other we'll pick up right where we left off.

Then I have my friends at school:

First off is the best roommate I could have asked for, Hannah P. (Yup, two friends with the same name) LOL

She is awesome, we clicked almost instantly and hang out all the time. We live about 30 minutes apart when we aren't at school and have a lot of the same interests. She's a nursing major and I think will make an awesome nurse one day. (Oh yeah she's the one on the right)

Next is Heidi:
I unfortnately don't have any pictures of her on my computer. I met her originally at orientation but we didn't really become friends until about last October. She's a library science major and works at a library already. 

Finally is Mandi:

We became friends, strangely through us realizing I was friends with her ex-boyfriend who is very social and almost EVERYONE on campus knows him. She gives me a run for my money with how much she talks. I talk a lot too. She's a pysch major. 

All though there are MANY more important people in my life these are probably the ones who I will talk about the most, at least at this point. I hope many of you will join along for my ride through the rest of my college career, itls bound to be exciting. 

XOXO, Em <3 

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