Monday, April 29, 2013

Most Of April

Hello All,

If you're reading this I'm guessing you are going to give my blog a chance! So, thank you. Since I'm starting this blog towards the end of April and so much happened this month I figured I would do a quick overview in one post. 

The first weekend of April I was able to go to a New Teacher's Conferencethrough my future teacher's club. It was really cool to get to go to a conference for real teachers. I would be sitting inclasses with real teachers and learn a lot of skills that one day I will use in my classroom. I will also have the ability to go to this conference ever year so I will be even more prepare when I become a teacher. 

Next weekend my future teacher club went to Color Combat. Color Combat is like field day for six schools in our state's future teacher clubs to get to socialize and have fun. Each team only had 1 member from each school. My team was the purple pirates and we end up winning the whole thing. 2 of the games we got almost a perfect score.

The next two weekends were super crazy but a lot of fun. 

First event was Pencil Pals, which is an event that my future teachers club does where we match up members with second graders at a local elementary school. At the end of the school year they get to meet their pencil pals. I was so excited for this event because next year that will be one of my main responsibilities as an officer. 

That Saturday my college hosted a Relay for Life. I relayed with the future teacher's team. This year Relay for Life's theme was Disney. I was totally in in my element. They were playing Disney music and everything was Disney related. My team's mini themed was Toy Story. We did a bake sale to raise extra money. I had a lot of fun. Bonding with the future teacher club and walking around with my friends. 

Aileen Cupcake

 Mandi and I

I Just Really like this picture of me

Our Relay shirts.

At our bake sale! From left to right: Heather, Me, Jess, Megan

Hanging out on the field! From left to right: Heather, Cyndi, me, Megan, Jess
 Left to right: Jess, Megan, Me, Cyndi, Ashley, and Heather

Hanging out at our campsite! From left to right: me, Heather, and Jess.

The next Wednesday we had our final meeting of the semester, it was the first meeting that the new e-board got to run. I'm so excited for next year, I think the new e-board has some great ideas for the club. 

That night we had our last Literacy Night of the semester. Literacy nights are when we go to local schools and do activities with the students there. At this literacy night the author came and brought her dog to meet the kids. The dog was so cute!

The next night was Hannah's 19th birthday. Our campus had comedy show so we decide to go to it with our friends, Manid, Heidi, Marissa and Allison. The opening act was Brent Morner, he was really funny. The main act was Chris D'Elia from NBC's show Whitney, he was really funny too. After the show we got to meet the comedians and get pictures with them. 

From left to right: Me, Chris D'Elia, Mandi & Hannah

From left to right: Me, Brent & Hannah

On Friday we had Apple Banquet, which is a dinner to honor the top most actives member in each future teacher club within our Student Program. At the event we had dinner, got certificate, watched a slide show and got to celebrate all the hard work we've done. 


Part of the Table! Left to Right: me, Amanda & Brittany!

Most of the officer for next semester. From left to right: me, Cyndi (Vice President), Deanna (President) and Christina (Public Relations). Missing Megan our treasure.

Yesterday was the last Future Teacher's event of this semester. This year we got a grant to do repairs and fix up an elementary school. We spent the day from 8 in the morning until about 3 raking, planting and mulching. It was so tiring but a lot of fun and totally worth it. 

Last night I slept 12 hours because this month has been so busy. I then spent the day with Mama J, it was awesome to see her because I hadn't seen her in about 3 weeks which is really hard for a Momma's girl. Now its time to prepare for finals. I can't believe my freshmen year is almost over and that summer is coming. I can't wait to see what this summer and sophomore year has to in store for me. Wish me luck on my finals!

XOXO, Em. 

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