Monday, August 31, 2015

I Fell In Puppy Love

Hello All,

I can't believe my school year starts today. I feel like just yesterday I was moving in for my freshmen year and now I'm getting ready to start my senior year. In many ways I am not ready to start, but that is a post for a different day. 

I moved into college early last Monday (you can read the post here) and during that time Mama J was on Disney Cruise.  After I week of training for me and week of R&R for Mama J we met up at mall to get dinner. At this particular mall they have a pet store where they sell pets and not just supply. They also let you play with the puppies in the store!

Now if you have been around these parts since March of 2014 then you may remember my 20 Facts about me post (if you not you can read it here). One of the facts that I share is that I love bulldogs. Well since writing that post I had fallen more and more in love with the breed. I've done a lot of research and I'm planning to buy one ASAP after graduating college. 

Well while we were in the pet store I noticed that they had bulldog puppy and Mama J and I asked if we could play with him. He was the sweetest little thing in the whole world. He loved to be pet and he kept playing with my shoelace and I basically fell head over heels in love with the little tiny bulldog. If I was living in a college dorm I probably would have bought him. Before playing with the bulldog I was about 85% sure that I wanted a bulldog as pet. But after playing with the bulldog I have become 110% that I want a bulldog. 

And of course I had Mama J take pictures of myself and the bulldog.

I love this picture!
Sometimes taking pictures isn't easy. LOL

I believe in this picture I am saying, "Oh you're so beautiful. Oh so so so so beautiful."
For anyone who is starting school in the next few days or weeks good luck with the upcoming school year!

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