Saturday, August 1, 2015

Disney 2015 Wrap Up

Hello All,

I have been dragging out my Disney 2015 recap for many weeks now and it was time to officially wrap it up.

This trip was a trip of a lifetime. It was the first time I had ever made for a trip by myself and I may or may not be secretly planning my next grown up paid all by myself trip and this one most likely won't be to Disney. Shocker I know!

This trip had so many highlight. From meeting Ana and Elsa and acting like a 5 year old to getting to go to Disney World with two of my friends. And of course turning 21 in Disney World. 

Part of me is really sad that this trip recap is done on my blog. I love sharing my trips with you guys. Even if sometimes it takes almost 6 months to share all the details. I hope that you guys enjoy reading them. I try to a large variety of different post, from restaurant posts to day by day recaps to more in depth post about big events/activities. Plus I love sharing my pictures and now my vlogs (You can check the Disney playlist out here). 

Normally in my trip wrap ups I announce my next trip. I am going on a family vacation later in August but I won't do much coverage on the blog.  Although I know I have another trip planned in about eighteen months I feel like it is too early for me to announce it so you guys are going to have wait to hear about. And for all I know I will go on another trip before hand. 

And that is a wrap on Disney 2015! See ya real soon!

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