Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Thoughts on Vlogging My Vacation

*Note: I found this in my draft folder and realized that I never published it. It was supposed to be published before my Disney 2015 Wrap Up post. But I'm putting it up now****

Hello All,

Before I wrap up this trip for good (that'll be next post) I wanted to talk to you guys about how I felt vlogging my trip. If I would do it again? If I'm planning to do it again what I would do differently. Before I share all of this with you guys though I do want to say I don't regret it at all and I'm so excited to be to go back watch this trip over and over again.

I came up with the idea of vlogging this trip a long time ago. Actually probably around the time that the three of decided to save the money and fly away to Disney together. But getting ready to vlog was not an easy task. It started with the fact that I couldn't for the life of me find the camera I was planning on using for vlogging. It was the camera that I used to take picture on my last Disney Trip. Then I found the camera and couldn't find charger. And then it wouldn't charge properly. Finally I fixed all the bugs and we were good to go!

One problem that I came across a lot was being self conscious about bring the camera out. I didn't want to disturb anyone or annoy Hannah and Mandi. Luckily they both seemed pretty supportive of me vlogging and being on camera but I didn't want to put too much pressure on them. If I did again I would bring the camera out a lot more. 

I also felt as if I never left my real personality out as much I as I should have in vlogs. I love to joke around and have fun but I feel like a lot of times I feel like I just kind of gave information rather then send jokes around and laugh. If I did it again I would want to joke more and probably let other people hold the camera, even if it was just facing me to get more funnier clips of myself.

One thing that I regret both with vlogging and blogging was not taking either camera out at our dinners. The character meals I share clips and got pictures. But we ate at 3 other restaurants and have next to no prove that that even happened. I wish that I filmed sometimes in each of the restaurant and got a lot more pictures, both food and atmosphere.

One big thing I learned was that when I vlog I have to talk at normal level. A lot of times during my vlogs that sound quality seemed strange and it was because my voice got too loud. If I were to vlog another trip I would feel the need to be a little bit more even toned so that would happen less. 

The final thing I wish I had done more of was capturing the little moments. I feel like a lot of the clips were me telling people what we did rather then showing them. I got some clips from rides and some clips from shows. But I wish that I gotten clips of us playing the phone game Heads Up and gotten me trying my first drink on camera. If I vlogged again I would try to capture more of those moments while living in the moment. 

Okay so I'm going to stop being coy with you guys. I do plan to vlog my future trips. I had a lot of fun vlogging and a lot of fun editing my vlogs. After this trip I realize that I want to give a little more attention to my youtube channel then I have in the past. Although I would love to say that I would do like 1 video a week that doesn't seem realistic at the moment. But I can say that I will be vlogging day trips as well as vacation for at least the foreseeable future. I want to thank you guys so much for following along and hope that you will continue!

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