Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Boston 2015 Day 1

Hello All,

Since I now have a new computer its time to recap so the things that I did this summer. In reality I didn't do much this summer . 🙈But one of the things that I did was spent a couple of days up in Boston with Mama J in mid June. 

The morning we left Mama J had some errands to run. I woke up when she was leaving and started packing and getting ready. Unfortunately it was raining which could have really messed up our plans for the night but we stayed hopeful and hit the road. When we got to Boston we checked into our hotel and hopped on the T to explore the Quincy market area. We had fun but we were soaking wet and cold. 

When it was time for dinner we headed over to the Prudential building and met up with my cousins, Carey and Noah for dinner. We ate dinner at 5 Napkin Burger. My cousins both got a burger which they both really liked but felt that it was big. Mama J got a salad I believe and it said that it was okay. I got a buffalo chicken appetizer and a side order of mac and cheese. I really liked the appetizer but the mac and cheese was a little more gourmet then I was expecting. Although this restaurant wouldn't be my first choice of restaurant I would return if other people wanted to go.

The whole reason that we went to Boston was for a Boston Red Sox game ⚾️. When we got to Feneway Park we were so excited to see that we had gotten seats under the awning meaning we'd be shelter from the constant rain. The first few innings of the game no one scored a run but around inning four or five the game really started. The final inning we were down by 3 runs and had pretty much given up on them winning. But in the last inning they got really close and it was the most intense inning I had ever watched. Unfortunately they lost but it was still a lot of fun.  One of the funniest part of the game was the two drunk couples behind us. They were loud and obnoxious and so funny to listen to between innings or when they other team was doing better then the Sox and I may have been slightly bitter.

The view from our seats
Selfie of Mama J and I. Don't you love Mama J's new Red Sox sweatshirt
When you're a Disney fan you have to take a picture of Red Sox Mickey Mouse right?
And a snap that I sent. {Snapchat judy_judy94}
After the Red Sox game we said our goodbye to Carey and Noah. Mama J and I headed back to our hotel where we watched some Criminal Minds and vegged before we crashed for the night.

Keep your eyes out for Boston 2015 Part 2 which should be up in the next couple of days.

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