Tuesday, August 18, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: The Third Twin

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Recently I have been having a really hard time finding books that can keep my attention for more then a couple days or that truly interests me. I have started about three books this summer that I haven't been able to finish because I was just bored and couldn't get into the book. But this week I finally finished a book and now its time to review it.

In the past week I read the book The Third Twin by CJ Omololu. The book is about two teenage twins, Ava and Lexi. When they were young if they broke a rule they would tell their dad that their triplet, Alicia, did it. As the twins grew up the twins would pretend to be Alicia when they dated boys that they didn't deem good enough to date them.  But when one of the boys that Alicia dated ends up murder Lexi (the more responsible twin) gets worried that the cops are going to connect them to them and wants to quit the Alicia thing. Ava is very nonchalant about it and wants to keep up with charade. But when a second boy that Alicia has dated ends up dead too, Lexi finds herself the number one suspect.

This book moved very slowly through about 75% of the book. But I don't know if the author could have written it any other way in order to add in all the detail. Even though I understand why the author might have drawn it out so much I will say that I wasn't a big fan of how long it took for the first murder to happen and then how long it was between the first and second murder. There were times where I had to keep checking the book cover because it took almost 200 pages for the book to hit the end of the summary. 

For me very few of the characters had depth, a lot of them felt stereotypical following a semi stereotypical path. For example the identical twins had one nerdy sister who worked really hard in school. While they other one was very self absorbed, paid more attention to boys and being popular rather then paying attention to school. 

My favorite part of the book though was how the mystery was written. For the first about 150 pages I was convinced I knew who the killer was and was probably who the killer want us to believe was killer all along. But then there was this moment and it clicked. I realized who the killer really was and I loved the twisted. At the moment it felt like it was completely out of left field. But now a day after finishing it I keep thinking of moments where hints are dropped. The ending made sense and was perfect because it was predictable.

Although I spend to paragraphs down playing the book I actually really would recommend it.Mainly because the twist was so perfect. The author did such an amazing job building up the suspense and dropping small hints that you'd really have to pay attention in order to pick up on. I think I would give it 7 out of 10 stars.


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