Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Travel Bucket List!

Hello All,

As many of you probably know I love to travel. You've followed me through a few trips and now I want to show you guys all the places that I dream of going! 

The first few places are places that I've already added to my Bucket List. But they are still part of my travel bucket list so they belong in this post right?

-Spend a Weekend in NYC!
Some of you might now from past post that I LOVE New York City. But so far I've only done day trips and now over night trips. I really would love to be able to leave my house on like a Thursday night after work or school and spend 3 nights at a New York hotel and do some awesome stuff that you just don't have time to do while your there on a day trip. Especially because most times when I got to New York for the day we spend most of the time near Grand Central instead venture out. Hopefully while I'm there I can I also cross of doing the Gossip Girl Tour.

-A European Cruise
I LOVE to cruise and I have always wanted to see Europe so why not kill 2 birds with one totally awesome and relaxing stone. And of course it would be aboard a Disney cruise ship!

- The Harry Potter London Tour
I read about this tour years ago. But you get to see all different Harry Potter sets and location where they filmed. I LOVE Harry Potter and want to see these things. Maybe it will feel like I'm part of the magic!

And those are the trips on the Bucket List. Now on to the ones that I'm going to add to my bucket list after I publish this post. 

I would love to see the down under. Plus you get to jump ahead almost a whole day when you travel there. LOL

-Costa Rica
Every since I did a project on Costa Rica in middle school I have wanted to visit to Costa Rica. It looks gorgeous and I want to see it in person!

I would love to see the ruins of their ancient civilization. They look amazing and always find historical things like that interesting.

-South Africa
 I really want to see the culture of South Africa as well go on a safari/game drive and see some of the majestic animals in real life and in their actual environment!

I am about 25% German and would love to see the country where my family is. Plus look how quaint the town above looks.

I took french for 7+ years and although I don't think that I would ever be able actually communicate with the people of France I definately want to go. I want to see the Effiel Tower, the palaces of France and Normandy. I just really want to go to France. 

Just take a minute and look how beautiful Greece is. I think that picture alone explains why I want to go to Greece so badly. If the pictures are breath taking I can't imagine how amazing it is in real life. 

I am over 50% Irish and I would love to see the country. Plus it looks beautiful and amazing!

I don't remember a time in my life when I didn't want to go to Italy. From the food (I'm already drooling over the food I want for a trip that I haven't started planning yet lol), the scenry, the culture, The Leaning Tower. Gah I just want to go like now and stay there for like a month!

The final part of my hertiage is Swiss. So, much like Ireland and Germany I want to see the country that my family is from.

Scotland, isn't that where the movie Made of Honor took place? Even if it isn't, every since I saw that movie wanted to see the country. It looks amazing and beautiful, plus I want to see all the castles.

-Alaskan Cruise
I would love to be sitting on the deck of a cruise ship, looking out at the beautiful Alaskan landscape. Plus I want to see Alaska.

-Panama Canal Cruise
I have nothing but amazing things about how amazing it is to see this.

-Transatlantic Cruise
I would love to spend like 12 days on a cruise ship just kind of chilling and cruising and relaxing!

-Californian Coast Cruise
This is another cruise that I have heard amazing things about. Plus I want to visit so many of the port of calls this cruise stop at.

I love the idea of old Hollywood and new Hollywood. I want to see what LA has to offer and maybe see some celebrities. 

-Disneyland and Disneyland Paris
We all know that I LOVE Disney and I definitely want to see those too parks. As well as countless more trips to Disney World.

Aria from Pretty Little Liars spent a years in Iceland, there must be something to see there right?

-Wilmington, North Carolina
So many amazing shows have been filmed in Wilmington. Including two of my all time favorites, Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill. I want to walk the streets were the shows were shot.

And those are the places I want to see before I die and cruises that I want to go on. Where are places on your travel bucket list? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I always wanted to go to Italy! I'm considering going there for a while when I graduate!

    natalie @ findingmyownvoice7.blogspot.com


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