My Bucket List

My Life Bucket List!
  • Spend a weekend in NYC (My favorite city in the world)
  • Be at Time Square at Midnight New Years Eve
  • Get on the Dean's List at school
  • Do the Gossip Girl Tour in New York City
  • A European Cruise
  • The Harry Potter Tour in England
  • Live in an apartment with friends
  • Spend time (get out of the car and really look around, not just a drive through) all 50 states (14/50)
  • Get to 500 post on my blog (Completed 4/11/2016 you can read the 500th post here
  • Graduate from college
  • Live in a different state then the one I grew up in
  • Go on road trip with friends
  • Get into shape
  • Run the Princess Half Marathon in Disney
  • Do Color Me Rad 5 K
  • Become Part of the Big Brother Big Sister program
  • Get my GPA up to a 3.0
  • Get Something I've Written Published (Completed 2/12/2014, read about it here)
  • Donate 150 crochet homemade blankets to a children's hospital 
  • See Wicked on Broadway (Completed 3/22/2014, read about it here)
  • Go Disney World with a boy I love 
  • Kiss a boy under the Eiffel Tower at night when its lit up
  • Dye my hair blonde
  • Get my tattoos (I want 4)
  • Become a house guest on Big Brother (Biggest Guilty Pleasure) 
  • White water rafting
  • Go to a Yankee vs. Red Sox Game
  • Semester at Sea
  • Go to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
  • Be at Disney when they film the Christmas Day Parade
  • Be at a Live filming of Live with Kelly and Michael
  • Visit Prince Edward Island
  • Take a Tour at all 7 Ivy Leagues (Harvard)

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