Monday, July 3, 2017

The End of an Era

Hello All,

For the past four years I have been blogging here on blogger on this blog. But that is going to change as I am moving over to WordPress. This was a tough decision and I didn't make it lightly. But there were a few reasons for the change. 

The first reason is that blog followed by college life. I talked about everything from the events I particpated, the trips I took, my view points during this time of my life, college graduation and the cruise we took to celebrate my college graduations. As much as these memories are things I treasure I felt that it is time to move on a share the grown memories, the trips I take as an adult, the events I go to as an adult and how my views have changed. It just felt like it was time for a change.

The second reason goes hand and hand with the reason above. I was ready for a fresh start but I wanted to keep the branding I had created. I love the name "The World According to Emma", especially with the fact that I want to travel to world. I figured if I switch servers I can take the name along with me. 

The final major factor that when along with making this decision was that I discovered that WordPress seemed easier and more customizable. I was helping my mom set up a Stampin' Up blog which will go live on WordPress and discover how easy it was to use. 

With that being said I hope that you decide to follow me over to my next blog. Check it out here! Whether you decide to follow me or not I want to thank you for all support over the past four years. I truly appreciate it! Hope you see you soon. xoxo

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