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So, this post is one I've been excited to write because I got to cross something off my bucket list! If you interest in what's on my bucket list you can click the tab above or you can click here. Also if you want to read the first four days of the trip you can by checking out the master post

On this morning we had to get up super early! Why? Because it was our first port of call which was in Cozumel, Mexico. This port of call was the one that I had been looking forward to the most. Which shouldn't be surprising to some. If you guys read my blog on the reg (and by reg I mean; when I randomly write and create posts lol) you probably know 3 things about me. 1. I love Disney 2. I love to travel and 3. I have a pretty lengthy bucket list. And I was about to cross something off my list!

So, let's get started. Like I said above we had to get up pretty early. We had to get to our meeting location by 7:45. And before we went to our location Mama Judy ran up to Cabanas (The buffet on the pool deck) to get us breakfast and we quickly ate in the room. And then headed down to the Walt Disney Theatre which was our meeting spot. While we were waiting to leave two of our table mates came down because they were doing the same excursions.

Soon it was time to get off the boat and enter Mexico! They basically walked us from the Disney Fantasy to a catamaran boat. It was about a 50 yard walk if that so we got there pretty easily.
The first view right when we got off the boat. We talked about stopping at the Starbucks but spoiler alert we didn't have time

A view of the Fantasy while we waited to board the catamaran
The water from Cozumel to the main land was super bumpy. They even handed out puke bags. Luckily neither Mama Judy nor I got sick! But Mama Judy felt a little gross. When we got to the main land we attempt to get off the boat and soon learned that our tour needed to be the first off. We were confused though because when boarding they didn't tell us. We and few of the other people on our tour agreed that if we had known we would have sat towards the front so we didn't have to shove through people. But we pushed our way through and got off boat to meet our tour guides.

When we met our tour guides they lead us on about a two mile walk to our bus. They tried to rush us towards the bus but it's hard to rush like 50 people through a street. So, I had some time to snap some pictures.

When we got to the bus they handed out our lunch that came with the excursion which consisted of a sandwich with meat that looked like a mixture of bologna and lunchable meat, Mexican Lays (potato chips), a muffin and mango juice. I only ate the chips because nothing else appealed to me.

Once one board they started out by giving us some background information about the Chichen Itza Ruins which were the ones we would be visiting.  Then they told us to settle in because we  had a two and half our bus ride! Since I had my phone (on airplane mode so I wouldn't have to pay for the expensive international data) and I had some headphones I decided to play some music and took a nap. Mama Judy played on her phone.

45-minutes away from the ruins they woke everyone up. Why? Because they wanted to give us a sale pitch for two souvenirs that you could only get there and that were personalized. One was a Mayan Calendar and the other one had something to do with birth and symbols. I don't really remember. The pitch lasted about 10 minutes and then we all sat there. It was hard to justify going back to sleep because we weren't sure when they started talking again.

FINALLY! We got to the ruins and got off the bus. The walk from the parking lot to ruins themselves was about 5 minutes. We were told that we had an hour to look around but we're highly encourage to stick with the group. I'll be honest that was hard for me because there were two ruins we never even got close to. But the ruins were amazing and mind blowing. I was happy because I was able to officially cross something off my bucket list! Now enjoy the pictures.

One of the ruins we never really got close to...thank God for the zoom button

The other ruin we didn't really get close to

Look our excited and proud I am to be crossing something off my bucket list
After a very quick tour of the Chichen Itza Ruins we headed back to the bus for another two and half hour ride back to the boat. On the ride back Mama Judy and I played on our phones and I taught Mama Judy how to play Candy Crush. She is now addicted and low key mad at me for teaching her.

By the time we got back to the boat we were starving. We headed up to the 10th floor and got some food at the quick service walk up places. While we ate we sat in the adult section and hung out. Eventually Mama Judy headed back to the room to nap while I headed into the spa to get a Fire&Ice Mani/Pedi.The mani/pedi was great but my manicurist was very quiet. Maybe it was because of the language barrier but maybe she was just kind of quiet. (Fun Fact: If you are a Disney Vacation Club member you get 10% off of spa services on port days)

After my spa appointment I headed back to the room to get ready for pirate night! Like a dumb dumb I forgot to take my sign/outfit picture so I'm not 100% sure where we ate. I'm like 90% sure that we ate at The Royal Court which is the Cinderella themed restaurant. I was super excited about our meals at Royal Court because we were sitting in the Princess and the Frog room...aka my favorite princess.

After dinner we headed out to do some meet and greets with characters in their pirate attire. If you remember in my last Disney Cruise post (which you can read here) I met Donald on formal night and told him how snazzy he look. Well during our conversation Donald kept miming fixing his head feather. At first I was confused but then I realized he was asking me if he looked snazzy again on that night. I was so excited that he remembered that I felt like I was five years old all over again.

During our very fun conversation

Traditional Donald and me check kiss picture
Outfit deets: Skirt ~ Kohls, Shirt: Old Navy & Headband: Disney Cruise {Free on Pirate Night}
After meeting Donald I hoped in line to meet Chip and Dale. While we were waiting Mama Judy snapped a picture of Minnie's Pirate outfit because we agree it was adorable.

After our meet and greet with Chip and Dale we went upstairs because Pirate Mickey was doing a meet and greet. While we were waiting upstairs we looked down to see Chip, Dale and Minnie playing tag. It was so cute and funny. Especially to see their attendants trying to keep them under control.

When I went to meet Mickey at first he seemed to be a let's take a picture and move on mood. But when I told him about the tag game down below he became for interactive.

Telling Mikey about the tag game

Now we're talking about something else

And of course a more formally picture
After meeting the characters we decided to head back to our room because we were both somewhat tired. On Pirate Night they do have fireworks at sea but I'm scared of fireworks and chose to avoid them on this particular night. But when we got back to our room we saw are room host (Michael - who was amazing by the way) left us a sloth/monkey friend.
Do you think it's a sloth or monkey?
And that was Day 5 of ours cruise! So, much fun. I'm going to give you a quick review of our excursion (which you can book through Disney by clicking here) but if you want more detail I will link my video review below. So, the one things we really disliked about this excursion was the length, we spend way more time in a bus then at the ruins. But our tour guides were super informative and gave us some really good facts. They also were very social, there was a little girl who taking notes for a school project to make up for being on vacation when she was supposed to be at school and they answer all her questions very patiently.  Like I said I'll link the review where I go more in depth.

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