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GRADUATION CRUISE 2017 || Frozen Day at Sea {Day 4}

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I've been super motivated to write so here I am writing another post that might not go up for a while but at least I'm writing it. So, let's jump back into Graduation Cruise recap {If you haven't read the first three day find the links on my master post}. 

So, our second day aboard the Disney Fantasy started with Mama Judy and I went to get breakfast at Cabanas, which is the buffet on the ship. After breakfast we went and spent some in the Rainforest. The rainforest is a part of the spa, which has cool rainforest inspired showers, saunas, heated lounges and jet tubs. Mama Judy loved the rainforest and highly reccomends it to everyone. Me on the other hand found it to be almost too quiet and never really stay long. 

We went and got lunch again at Cabanas and then I went to take a nap while Mama Judy went to sit by the pool. After my nap I had booked a Frozen Meet and Greet. Which is something new that Disney has been doing. Now they allow you to sign up to meet their more popular characters so you wait less time. I will say that my Frozen meet and greet was great, Anna and Elsa were super interactive. I was wearing my Harvard sweatshirt and we talked about what Disney Princess would want to go there. We agreed that Belle or Rapunzel would like it. Let me know what Princesses you think would like Harvard in the comments.

The view while I was waiting in line. Can you see how rough the water was?
LtoR: Anna, me and Elsa

Like I said the meet and greet was awesome but I wish the lighting was better for the pictures. After the meet and greet I think I went back to the room and took another nap because I was still so tired! I have a theory that I was beyond tired on this cruise because of how rough the seas were. 

That evening was formal night so we got into our formal-ish attire (NOTE: Disney doesn't look at formal night as mandatory but I enjoy getting dressed up so I participate) . We then headed down to the Walt Disney Theatre because they were showing the Disney Cruise Line version of Aladdin.  I had heard amazing reviews of it and just had to see it. I especially wanted to see since Disney California Adventure closed their version of the show and since I'll never be able to see there I wanted to take advantage of it on the ship.

After the show we walked around the ship a little bit and took some pictures and of course we need to meet Captain Mickey on formal night.
One of my most popular Instagram pictures ever {Insta: @judy_judy94} 
Captain Mickey and I

Once all of that was done it was time for dinner. On that night we were eating at Enchanted Garden. This restaurant often features seafood type meals and it often very good!  

The second night of the cruise I remembered to take my restaurant sign/outfit picture.
Dress: Old Navy
Shoes: Payless (from 2+ years ago) - Not that you can even see it
After dinner we hit up some of the meet and greets because the characters all looked snazzy that night. When I met Donald I made sure to tell him how snazzy her looked (This will come up again later). 
me and Donald

me and Minnie
After that we decided to go back to our room watch a little bit of a movie and good to bed early because we had an early morning the next day!

Also if you guys don't know I do have a YouTube channel. I did a video on my channel featuring things that were new to me on the cruise with one of them being the Frozen Meet and Greet. I'm going to link the video down below because I go into more detail on the whole experience.

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