Sunday, April 30, 2017

Almost Half a Decade

Hello All,

As of yesterday I have officially been blogging for four years! I was a bad blog runner and completely forgot to write a post to go live yesterday. But I'm here to mark this milestone now. Which made realize just how long four years is. Its amazing to think that is 364 short days I will have been blogging for half a decade. Which as far as I can see I will be still be blogging, as irregular as I am at blogging. 

Over the past year or so my blog as really grown to become a travel and book review style blog. Part of the reason is that I'm busy and for me writing and producing blog take a while. From editing pictures (finding picture when needed), watermarking pictures that are taken by me, writing the posts, editing the post, scheduling and promoting posts. And I enjoy the process but it takes a good amount of time which is why I don't attempt to post on a schedule. 

Moving forward I'm not going to make a blanket statement about what this blog is going to be. I like not having a niche. I do plan to continue my travel post and book reviews. But sometimes I might throw some other type post in here as well. I actually have one that is churning in my head as I write this. 

So, if you guys have been reading since the beginning (if you want to see the post where it all started click here) or this is the first time you've even seen this blog thanks for stopping by and reading. It means the world! 

And as always the top 5 post in The World According to Emma history:

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