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GRADUATION CRUISE 2017 || All Aboard {Day 3}

Hello All,

It's time to hop into the exciting part of the this trip and these recaps! Because today we are talking about the day we boarded the Disney Fantasy. The day that Mama Judy and I had been waiting for for over four years! If you missed the first few post you can find them on the master post by clicking here.

Our morning started out super early. Mama Judy woke me up to re-pack my bag but what she didn't know what that I had re-packed it the night before. But I was too excited to fall back asleep. Mama Judy on the other hand fell back asleep like a rock. Around 8AM the bellhop came to pick up our luggage to send it over to Port Canaveral. 

We had to be out of our room by 11AM because it was check-out time for Port Orleans: French Quarter. We took our time walking over to the main building and took some pictures along the way.

The building we stayed in. So close to everything!

Then we waited in the main lobby for about an hour before the Disney Cruise Transportation picked us up. This is an additional fee but from myself and Mama Judy it was worth the price and cheaper then getting limo, uber or renting a car. 

While we waited Mama Judy and I both went to the shop to get sweatshirts because it was cold that day. Finally we boarded the bus and headed to the boat. The ride is about an hour and half. If you take Disney transportation and they play a promotional video and then some Disney cartoons. Mama Judy played on her phone and took a cat nap. 

When we got to the port it was super busy, I guess a lot of people had decided to get to the port at the same time. But the Cast Members opened another line and we got  in that one and barely had to wait! When we got up to the main check in area we hoped in the Castaway Club line.  (Castaway Club is the Disney Reward Program, which you become a member of on your second cruise) When we got to check in we hit a small bump in the road because for some reason Mama Judy's record had gotten mixed up and she wasn't showing up as a Castaway member. The Cast Member made note of it and it was cleared up later in the trip. Other then that small hiccup it was a speedy check in. 

We were given our Key to the World Cards (AKA your room key), our Daily Navigator which tells you everything that will be happening that day, plus the restaurants menus, weather and dinning dress codes. We also were given directions on how to download the Disney Cruise app. Which when hooked up to the ships wifi gives you access to everything in the navigator plus a messaging happ that you can use within your party or people you meet on board. I high recommend downloading this app. Plus if you have it before your trip it had a countdown built in.

Once we done checking in it was open boarding so we hopped on board. By that time we were both starving so we headed up to Cabana's for a buffet style lunch. It's always crazy when you get there on the first day because everyone's heading up at the same time but the food is really good. Trip Tip: If you aren't sure you want to deal with the crowds of Cabana's check your navigator because sometimes one of the sit down restaurants will be doing a buffet at the same time!

After lunch we headed back to our room to put down our carry-ons and basically learn where it was. We then went on to explore the ship and basically hang out. I'm not sure why I don't have any pictures of this time. I must have left my camera in the state room. 

Eventually it came time for the Musterd Drill. Mama Judy and I were happy to find out that our meeting spot was inside because of how cold it was outside.  The drill was pretty uneventful. After the drill I normally would go to see the Sailing Away show but when I found it it was going to be outside I decided to skip it and take a nap instead. Mama Judy did some exploring while I napped.

On the first night we decided to skip the show and took our time getting ready for dinner. If you don't know about Disney Cruise Dinning there are two seatings. You eat during the same seating every night, with the same table mates and the same servers. The changes is that you rotate restaurants depending on the day. 

The first restaurant we ate was Animator's Palate. This is often one of my favorite meals because I love the Baked Potato soup they have on that night. We also got to meat our table mates. We were dinning with two girls traveling together who were in their early twenties as well as another mother/daughter duo. They both were super sweet. 

Outfit of the night
Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Target

After dinner Mama Judy and I went The Tube which is one of the night clubs on the boat. On that particular night they were doing a Newlywed Game. It was really funny and very enjoyable. The host was so charismatic and hyped the crowd up really well.

And that ended the third day of our trip.  

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