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GRADUATION CRUISE 2017 || A Royal Affair {Day 6}

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Happy Travel Thursday! I'm going to continue on with my Disney Cruise recap. If you've missed any of the posts for days 1 - 5 you can find the links on the master post. But other then that let's get going.

So, day 6 was our day on Grand Cayman. We didn't find any port adventures that we were interested inn doing - maybe in the future, so we were going with the flow. Our original plan was to get off, get lunch and explore a little but we didn't actually get off. More on that later. 

So, we got up somewhat early because I had a Princess Meet and Greet ticket for 9:30AM. 95% of Disney Cruise Meet and Greets you don't need tickets for but for their more popular characters they do a fast pass type thing where you don't have to wait as long. If you're interested in booking one of these experiences for your cruise click here and go to the Princess Gathering link.

Now if you read the post about my Frozen Meet and Greet you'll know I had a great experience. But this time it wasn't the case. We were rushed through the line and barely got to talk to any of them with the expection of Belle who was very interactive. One thing I mentioned to Mama Judy was that I had way better experiences with the characters I didn't have to sign up for.

Me and Tiana (my favorite)
Also why do I look like i'm 12 in this picture

Me and Ariel

Me and Belle

Me and Cinderella
After the meet and greet we went up to Cabanas to get breakfast. While we were sitting at breakfast they made an announcement that we would be docking in Grand Cayman much later then expected. We later learned that other ships docking in Grand Cayman didn't even attempt to dock and cancelled their Grand Cayman day. Since Mama Judy had a spa appointment we were worried we wouldn't be able to get out, get lunch and get back to the ship in time and decided to say on board.

The view from the back of the boat
After breakfast Mama Judy went to hang out at the Rainforest section of the spa. I decided that I wanted to watch movies on funnel vision, which is the movie theater size screen on the pool deck. I watched Hercules, Frozen and the first 20-ish minutes of Lilo and Stitch. While sitting out by the pool I got sunburned for the only time in trip. Luckily it was that bad. Just uneven so a little more ugly then the average sunburn.
Hercules on Funnel Vision

A piece of the Aqua Duck
The reason I didn't watch all of Lilo and Stitch was because Mama Judy and I had plans to go watch Moana at the Buena Vista Theater. Which is the movie theater on the boat where they play Disney's most recently movies. If you're looking for something relaxing to do and to take a break I highly recommended. And let me tell you the theater was packed! I had already seen Moana but it was Mama Judy's first viewing. She found it confusing. 

After the movie I went back to take a nap. And then it was time for dinner which if I remember correctly that was another night at Animator's Palate. But I'm not sure because I don't have any pictures from the night. Also if I remember correctly Mama Judy and I went to see one of the shows in the Walt Disney Theater. The only picture I have left is one of our towel friends that our state room host made for us. Tell me in the comments what animal you think it is because I have no clue.

Sorry this post wasn't that exciting and unfortunately the next day post won't be that exciting either. But I have new goals and plans to make travel post more detailed in the future!

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