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GRADUATION CRUISE 2017 || I'm Just Gonna Lay in my Tube {Day 7}

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Happy Travel Thursday! Today I'm discussing my favorite day of the trip. But because I was having so much fun I didn't take pictures because I was too distracted having fun, so I apologize for the lack of pictures. If you missed reading posts from day 1-6 you can find their links on the master post

So, another day another early morning. Our morning started out with room service (FUN FACT: The majority of food offered through room service is included in the price of your cruise) because it meant we got to sleep a little later.  For this excursion we knew we needed to wear bathing suits as well as some water shoes. Once we were ready we headed down to the D-Lounge which was our meeting spot. 

Soon they walked out to the pier in Falmouth, Jamaica and were usheredover to our bus stop. This bus ride was much shorter then our last port of call (Refresh your memory here). This one was only 10 minutes long and our tour guide was amazing. He taught us so much about the Jamaican culture. Once we got to our destination which was, Chukka, which is an adventure type park with rafting, zipling and Kayaking. 

Mama Judy and I had decided to do the River Tubing option. So, loaded us and the rest of our group of river tubers into an open air vehicle and took us up the hill. The ride was so bumpy and I was along the side. I was convinced that I would have a huge bruise on my ribs but luckily no bruise or even pain later. 

When we got to the rive they broke our tour up into smaller groups to make the tour groups more intimidate. Then they helped us get into the inner tubes so the tour could begin. 

A look at what the tubes looked like
 While the rest of the tour was climbing on I lost my sunglasses but luckily our tour guide dove down and got them for me! So, shout out to our tour guide!

Once everyone was on board our tour guide started paddling us. He did a small ice breaker where we said our name, where we're from and our favorite part of Jamaica had been so far. After the ice breaker our tour guide re-named Mama Judy and another man, mom and dad and referred to them as that throughout our journey. 

Our tour guide was so intelligent and pointed out things that we would be have missed otherwise. He also was so funny. We would "re-write" popular songs to fit the tour. My favorite one  re-write was the Lazy Day Song by Burno Mars. The original lyrics are "Today I don't feel like doing anything; I'm just going to lay in bed" but he re-wrote it to, "Today I don't feel like doing anything; I'm just going to lay in my tube". Which made me laugh so hard.

The tour lasted about 90-minutes. When it ended they helped us out of the tubes and we re-loaded into the open air van which brought us back to the main location. I forgot to mention earlier in the post that they did have lockers that I believe for 5 USD which wasn't bad. We got our stuff from our lockers and went to the bus stop. We had to wait about 20 minutes for a bus to come back. While we were waiting we talked to a couples also from Connecticut! Small world right?

Mama Judy and I agreed that if we ever do a cruise that went to Jamaica again we do another Chukka excursion but we next time we will do one of the packages that have two activities included. Like the tubing and zip lining because we had so much fun but it went by too quickly.

When we got back to the tour we explored the port a little and looked at the menu at Margaritaville. Mama Judy loves Jimmy Buffet but their was nothing on the menu that really appealed to her and it was so expensive. We were both so hungry though so we stopped at Auntie Anne's for some pretzels. 

We didn't stay on the port long, instead we opted to get Cabanas for lunch on board. And then went to relax up at the Rainforest (Part of the spa) where we laid on the warmed loungers and sat in the hot tub for a little while.

After that we went and saw Finding Dory at the Buena Vista Theater. While we were watching the movie the ship started moving. It was so relaxing, so much so I fell asleep in the movie! Don't get me wrong Finding Dory is a great movie! I was just so sleepy.

After the movie Mama Judy went back to the Rainforest for a little while, while I went to get ready for dinner. After getting ready we went to see a show at the Walt Disney Theatre. While I was waiting for Mama Judy I was talking to a cast member who said this particular show was her favorite. The show was called Wishes which was about three friends who went to Disneyland and were preparing for the next chapter of her life. I really enjoyed it!

Then it was time for dinner which I believe it was back at the Enchanted Garden. That night our table mates told us all about the trivia games they had been playing. We decided that we would go and play that night. I did pretty well but not perfectly...those question were hard. I also want to go to more of the trivia games in the future on cruises, I have to put my Disney knowledge to work.

After the trivia game we decided to hit the hay because we were super exhausted. This was probably my favorite day of the whole trip! I loved the excursion. I will add my YouTube review done below so you can check it out.

And before I leave here's a quick picture of our towel animal that night.

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