Friday, July 15, 2016

MOVIE REVIEW: Finding Dory

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As some of you may have noticed some of my favorite posts to write are reviews so I'm excited to be back with another one today. 

Like every other twenty-something, okay maybe everyone, in America I was super excited when I heard the news that Dory, Marlin and Nemo would be returning to the big screen. For those of you who need a little Dory (or Ellen) in your life watch one of the previews down below.

So, I patiently waited for the Finding to Dory to come out for weeks, months, years, 13 years to be exact. And then I had to wait another couple weeks after the premiere to actually go see it. But that didn't stop me from seeing all the tweets, Instas and Facebook posts about the movie.  Everyone talked about how Finding Dory was one of the only sequels to surpass the prequel. Which gave me some really high expectations, but did it live up to its review? Find out as the post continues. 
LtoR: Dory and Marlin
Mama Judy and I went to see the movie in 3D (that was a lot of fun). The movie opened up with a very cute Baby Dory and her parents. Her parents teach her how to explain her short term memory loss (little Dory talking about it was even more adorable then her looks) to strangers and new friends. Soon she looses her parents and they do a short flashback montage leading up to when she meets Marlin in the original movie. Slowly Dory gets some flashes of her past which leads Marlin, Dory and Nemo on another adventure across the ocean. 
LtoR: Bailey and Destiny
The movie features some characters from the original movies including Mr. Ray, Crush (Mama Judy's favorite), Squirt and Nemo's classmates. It was so cool seeing these characters again and seeing where they were a year later (even if we had to wait 13 years to see it). I think Mama Judy's one complaint was that Crush wasn't in it enough. 
LtoR: Dory and Hank
They also brought in some new characters such as Hank, a grumpy octopus, Destiny, a blind whale Shark, Bailey a beluga whale with a head injury and Dory's parents. All of these characters were adorable. My favorite new characters were the whales. They were so funny and adorable, if Disney made a movie about them I would be first in line to see it. The internet's favorite character was Gerald, who was adorable but not my favorite. 
Baby Dory in all her cuteness
Over all I thought the movie was extremely cute and I am so glad I went to see it theater. But I will say that I didn't feel it was better then Finding Nemo. I think it was on the same level as Nemo but not better. 
LtoR: Merlin and Crush
Mama Judy would probably like me to add that she loved the pre-movie short featuring Piper. 
Piper (The pre-movie short)
Did you guys see Finding Dory? What did you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!

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