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Last week I wrote a post talking about what I'm currently up to (Read it here). One of the things I talked about was about my love for Big Brother. Where I also mentioned that I wanted to able to share my love for Big Brother but wasn't sure how to. After thinking about it for a while decided that I would write a short weekly post where I will chose a player of the week (A small section from my original recaps) and explain why I chose them as player of the week. Since I decided to start this about 3 weeks in I figured I would do a quick post explaining why I chose the first 3 players of the week. 

*This post may contain spoilers from any episode that has aired before Thursday, July 14, 2016***

Week One:
This week is always the longest week because I consider the first week every episode up until the first live eviction (So, up until Jozea's eviction). This episode didn't have a traditional HOH competition. Instead the losing team for the first 4 comps had to chose one of their 3 remaining players to be HOH. Each team this season consists of 1 vet and 3 newbies. The losing team would lose one houseguest and one would become HOH. The losing Team had Nicole (BB16), Corey, Tiffany (Vanessa from last season's sister) and Glenn (Who got evicted). Nicole worked hard to convince her team to make her the first HOH by making her team believe it was their idea to make her HOH while still pretending she didn't want it. Once becoming HOH Nicole used a lot of the other players to get her information from all sides of the house and put up Jozea the leader of the "other" side of the house, who was gunning at her has his number one target. That nomination is what eventually sent Jozea packing, making Nicole my first player of the week.
Week 2:
The power of the alliance of the house (Nicole, James, Da'Vonne, Frank, Corey, Michelle, Za'kiyah and Tiffany) knew their main Targets consisted of Jozea (who was evicted last week), Victor and Paul. For whatever reason they believed the only way to put up Victor and get him out of the house was to backdoor him. They decided to manipulate Paul to get him to go up as a pawn. Paul agreed to be the pawn. Throughout the week he played both sides of the house by keeping the peace with the power side and agreeing to almost everything they said and keeping what they agreed upon a secret while still dropping subtle hints to his ally, Victor. Although Victor didn't pick up on a single one. Paul picked up on the fact that he was in danger and switched up his game plan to make sure he kept himself safe. Which worked and made Paul my player of week!

Week Three:
From the moment that Bridgette won HOH everyone knew that she was going to the puppet to Frank's puppet master. Frank's primary target was Tiffany who has been rubbing Frank wrong the since week two pretty much. At first the rest of Frank's alliance, the 8-pack, was on board to evicted one of there own. With Frank rubbing Da'Vonne the wrong way, Da'Vonne decided to attempt to flip the vote, but soon met resistance from Paulie who saw Tiffany has a pretty big target. But on Wednesday (according to the live feeds) Michelle realized that by keeping Tiffany in the house there was always going to a bigger target, than herself and her allies, in the house. Using that fact Michelle was able to flip Nicole, Corey, Za'kiyah and Da'Vonne's vote which was enough to safe Tiffany and shake up the house. Because of her success in flipping the house, Michelle is my player of the week!
And those are my first 3 players of the week. Do you agree with me? Who are you currently rooting for? Let me know in the comments below. 

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