Monday, September 14, 2015

Life Update {September 2015}

Hello All,

Happy Monday! The past few weeks have been crazy. Somethings have changed, including my sleep schedule and somethings have stayed the same.

In August I left the job that I had been at for 2 years. I was ready for change and had a new opportunity that made more sense for me. I will say that I love my new job but has come with some adjustment to my sleep schedule because two days a week my shift starts 4 AM. Most of my days consist of some sort of nap, even if its only 45 minutes. But its also giving me a chance to meet a wide variety of new people, which I love.

I also moved into college for my senior year. And I started my senior (I'm working on a post talking about the first week but I don't have a lot of time to blog and when I do have time most of it spend sleeping. I really like the majority of my classes thus far and I'm just feeling really positive about this year in general. Although I'm actually really sad that its my senior year and I'm one of the few college seniors who aren't looking forward to graduation in May (More on this in another post).

In my last life update I talked about how my last computer broke. Well in August I officially became part of the Mac book team. I really love the Mac. I find that its easy to use, although I do't find it easier then a PC. I find them equally easy enough to use. I also bought my Mac an adorable little decal that has an English Bulldog smelling the apple.
You can find your own decal like this at  Ivy Bee's Shop on Etsy
The other big thing that has happened is a sprained my ankle. the other day I was walking down some stairs and one minute I has standing and then next minute I was down on my ankle. When I was younger I used to twisted my ankle all the time but rarely would get swollen or bruise. All I had to do was ice it and I was good to go. But not in this case. At its biggest my foot looked like it had a baseball growing out of it. It also started to bruise up. The morning after the fall Mama J drove me to a walk in clinic where I got my first x-ray. Luckily nothing was broken. The next few days I will be wearing an ace bandage, elevating it when possible and icing it. It did make for a pretty boring weekend though because there wasn't much I could do on sprained ankle. Although its pretty cool to see how the bruises are forming. That makes me sound so weird, sorry.

And yes that is a weird tan line half way up my leg.
And that is what's going on in my life right now. I'm hoping to make this year and semester the best one yet.

-PS - I did a collab post over on the blog Adorkable Darling. You can check it out by click here

***Everything in this post was my opinion. No part of it was sponsored.***

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