Friday, May 29, 2015

MOVIE REVIEW: Pitch Perfect 2

Hello All,

Last week on one of my days off last week I went to the movies by myself so that I could go see Pitched Perfect 2

Now unlike the rest of the living, breathing world I didn't see the original movie until a couple of weeks ago. My roommate Megan told me that I had to see this movie and we watched one night. I thought the movie was really funny and decided that I wanted to see the second one when it came out.

LtoR (back row): Jessica (Kelley Jackle), Ashley (Shelley Regner), Stacie (Alexis Knapp). Emily (Hailee Steinfeld), Flo (Chrissie Fit)
(Front Row): Chloe (Brittany Snow), Beca (Anna Kendrick), Fat Amy (Rumor Wilson) and Lilly (Hana Mae Lee)
This movie takes place 3 years later. All the girls are seniors and Chloe (Brittany Snow) failed Russian Lit 3 times to insure that she was a Bella. In those 3 years they had won the Acapella championships every year. While performing for the president the Bellas have a small wardrobe malfunction which causes mad chaos nationwide. When they kicked out of the colliagate level of competition Beca (Anna Kendrick) and the rest of the Bellas make a deal that if they win nationals then they will be reinstated. The story of the movie follows their journey of balancing their social lives with training for worlds.

LtoR: Fat Amy (Wilson), Chloe (Snow), Beca (Kenndrick) and Emily (Steinfeld)
This movie had a lot of hype surrounding it and made $69.2 million in its first weekend, more then the original made in its whole theater run. When movies get a lot hype, especially comedies, I have a bad habit of expecting things that are way too much out of movies that get a huge hype. Its probably the primary reason that I don't like Bridesmaids (please don't kill me). 

LtoR: Lilly (Lee) Beka (Kenndrick), Fat Amy (Wilson), Ashley (Regner), Chloe (Snow), Stacie (Knapp) and Flo (Fit)
I had a hard time the the hype of this movie because although I thought the movie was really good. I didn't feel that it lived up to the hype. The hype began with the trailers and there was some really exciting and funny lines in the movie. But they were only trailer lines that never made it to the final cut of the movie. I personally missed the lines, I feel like those were places that good have made the movie even better. 

LtoR: Ashley (Regner), Lilly (Lee), Cynthia (Ester Dean), Chloe (Snow), Stacie (Knapp), Beca (Kendrick), Flo (Fit), Fat Amy (Wilson) and Jessica (Jackle)
Another thing I noticed about the movie was they had four stories going on. The A story of the Bella and Worlds. Then they had Beca story who on top of World was working on her internship where she was trying to make head way in the music industry. Then they had the love story between Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) and Bumper (Adam DeVine). And finally the newest Bella the legacy, Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) becoming one of the Bellas and her music career as well. I found that the 3 sub stories weren't receiving as much attention as they deserved. 

Beka (Anna Kenndrick)
I think that there were some characters that really stood out in my opinion. Wilson as Fat Amy was once again was hilarious, she plays the fat girl with more confidence then any character I have ever seen in a movie. Snow also was amazing in this movie, Chloe was the character that I felt the biggest connection with in this story, as she played a very typical college student who was terrified by the real world. 

LtoR: Jessica (Jackle), Flo (Fit), Cynitha (Dean), Lilly (Lee), Beka (Kennedrick), Chloe (Snow), Fat Amy (Wilson), Emily (Steinfeld), Stacie (Knapp) and Ashley (Regner)
My favorite scene in the whole movie bar non was their final song number of the movie. It was such a powerful scene that left me with goosebumps, almost tears. It also was really cool to the see the youtube sensations Pentatonix was also really cool.

Beca (Anna Kenndrick)
But my biggest complaint of the whole movie was that we didn't get to see enough of Jesse (Skylar Astin) because he was my favorite in the original movie, him and Beka were really cute but most importantly I just think he's super cute.

Fat Amy (Wilson)
When it comes to my reccomendation I definately would reccomend this movie. It was funny, heart felt and movie that everyone will be talking about.

Beka (Kenndrick) and Emily (Steinfeld)
Have you see Pitch Perfect 2 yet? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments below! 


Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Blogging Confession

Hello All,

I'm about to get really honest with you guys about something that I didn't want to admit to anyone. Although some of you may have notice. Because for about 9 months I had lost the spark for blogging. I would go weeks at time without a posting anything. And when I did post there didn't feel like there was a rhythm, it felt like I was suffering from extreme writers block. 

I felt ashamed or like I didn't love blogging anymore. But that wasn't it. I realized that I had strayed away from who I was when I first started blogging. Back when I was writing about what I had done and what made me happy. Yes I would schedule posts out because I would get burst of inspiration and write many post back to back. But I didn't have a set schedule. I didn't feel like I needed to get a post our every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

I think that made me look at the blog as more of job.  I had started to compare myself to other bloggers. I wanted the same readerships or the loads of comments coming in. I felt disappointed in myself. 

But recently the blogging blog has come back. But I've realized that I want to go back to who I was when I started blogging. I wrote about what I was doing, I was life style blogger when I started and that's who I still am. 

I'm not 100% what that means. I don't know if that means that I'm going to cutting certain features from my blog. I don't want to say that I'm never going to write another post about my opinion a bigger issue. Or that I'm going to write about exactly what I did

There are certain features that I know what I want to keep. Like writing about my day to day activities like starting a new semester, planning and recaping my trips, goals and special events, like concert, day trips and traditions. 

I see this blog in my future. I see it being here when I start to plan a wedding (to a man that I have yet to meet, but hi future hubby!) as well as sharing my future pregnancy (don't worry Mama J I'm not pregnant yet) and all about the amazing travels that I'm sure I'll be going on.

As of right now my blog won't be on an official schedule. Although sometimes there will be patterns don't be suprised when they break or come apart. Although the one thing I'm really going to try and keep up with is blogging 2 to 3 times a week. 

I'm sorry if this post was all over the place, I just need to get that off my chest. And I want to thank anyone who does take the time out of there to read my blog. I honestly and truly do appreciate it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hiking with West Rock {May 2015}

Hello All,

This post is probably long over due consider its the last full week in May and this event took place on the 4th day of May. But we're going to talk about it now because better late then never. 

The week of finals neither Megan (my roommate) nor I had any finals so we decided to climb up West Rock, a hiking trail/mountain near our school. Neither of us had ever done it before so when we were driving to the place where you start the hike we got a little lost and ended up driving up the mountain. Because of that we decided that we would walk down a little bit. We took our time and eventually found a place to sit and just take in the view. 

Although it was a short trip it was a lot of fun and great way to relax before the stress of finals. We were only out for about 2 hours and it was such a beautiful day.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Disney 2015 ~ Day 4

Hello All,

Day four of my Disney trip was without a doubt my favorite day of the trip so let's talk about it!

On day four we spend our first day in the Magic Kingdom! We got to the park around 9 AM and got a lot of stuff done!

Take one of Mandi's daily Delta Phi Epsilon hand sign thing
The good revision
The first stop we made was seeing Tinkerbell. The projected wait time was like 15 minutes but we literally walked right in a saw her. I will be doing a whole post about character meet and greets where I will feature a picture. But you can see this one that the character attendant took a tester shoot of us so I'll share that.

LtoR: Hannh, Mandi & me
After Tinkerbell we went out and noticed a group of people gathered around the flag pole and couldn't figure out why. Then all the sudden we heard a loud rumbling and looked up and saw the blue angels fly over the Magic Kingdom. I didn't get a picture but I got it on tape and its on the vlog (linked down below if you're interested). 

I found this online to show what it looks like because its really cool
We then headed down Main Street USA so of course there are pictures and snapchats to share.

From my snapchat story
 Our first stop of the day was Adventureland. One of Hannah's must do rides was Pirates of the Caribbean (PotC). I personally don't like PotC and decided to sit it out but Hannah and Mandi went on and loved it. While they were on it I sat and watched the bags and people watched.

Our next stop was the Jungle Cruise. I plan on write a desperate post about that, mainly to share pictures so keep an eye out. After the ride we were getting hungry and decided to go to Be Our Guest. Which was delicious! We got in relatively quickly and got our food relativity quickly! And of course because I was at the Beast's castle I had to try the grey was delicious.

They talk you, check it out in the vlog

Grey stuff cupcake, I'm drooling

The view from our table

After lunch we had our first fastpass of the day for my favorite ride, aka the place I'm going to go when I die to spend out the after life, the Haunted Mansion. Gah I love this ride. hannah said she liked it but Mandi found it freaky.

After the Haunted Mansion we went over to its a Small World because everyone needs to hit up Its a Small World on your first trip to Disney (Hannah). After that we went to ride Voyage of the Little Mermaid which is always cute and so much fun!

We had a little bit of time to kill before our last fast pass so we decided to see what the Storytime with Belle was. Basically they use the children in the audience to re-tell the story of Beauty and the Beast. It was really cute but probably would have been a lot more fun if we had kids of our own. But one day if I have my own little  girl I would definitely bring her to it.

After seeing the little kids with Belle we went to meet Ariel who I will feature in the character meet and greet post. We decided after Ariel it would be a good time for afternoon rest. But on the way out I wanted to stop at Starbucks. I talked to a nice group of cheerleaders from one of the Carolinas. While I was waiting in line Hannah and Mandi watched the parade on Main Street. Then we headed back for our rest.

After our rest we made our way back to the Magic Kingdom so that we could have dinner at my favorite Disney sit down restaurant, Tony's Town Square Restaurant. That we had one of our best waiters of the whole trip. He was nice, polite and welcoming.  Tony's is always my favorite meal and I was so happy to be there.

This is my favorite place on Disney's property and would die if my future husband proposed to me here.

After dinner we headed towards Fantasyland to do some rides but all the lines were really long so instead we headed over to Tomorrowland and rode the Peoplemover followed by the Tomorrowland Transit Car Race ride thing. We had so much fun on the ride!

We then headed over to ride Dumbo, pre-Mandi's request. It was one of those moments where you are transported back to childhood and it was really cool. After that we decided to split up so Hannah and Mandi could watch the fireworks. Since I have a fear of fireworks I decided to go ride The Seven Drawves Mine Train. As we were getting ready to split up we felt a...raindrop! And soon it looked like this:

But ti was okay, I had a rain jacket and Hannah and Mandi used Hannah's umbrella. I got in line and behind was a very nice family from Canada. There were six of them and they were beyond sweet. I had a great time getting to know them and waiting out the rain.

Everything I had heard about mind train was that it was not worth a long wait. And to be honest its not worth a long ride but it was really cool to ride it in the rain and have the Wishes's finale going off while I was on it. 

After the ride I went to meet Hannah and Mandi at Fairytale Hall so that we could meet....

Yup I met the Frozen dou and like every other character they will be featured in the post.

After meeting Elsa and Ana we made our way out of the park to go back to the hotel because we were exhausted and needed sleep. And thus ended Day 4 of our Disney 2015 trip.

Below you can check out the day 4 vlog from our trip. Its like 30 minutes long but I still found it to be one of my favorite videos of the trip so far.