Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merps In the City

Hello All,

Before I start here is a warning...there will be A LOT of  pictures in this post! 

A week ago today my merps (Hannah and Mandi) and I went to New York City! I woke up super early and Hannah picked me up. We drove about an hour to train station, grabbed our breakfast there and waited for the train.

We got on the train and headed to NYC! Our original plan was for Mandi to meet us on our train so that she could get on station closer to her house. But when we were on the train we discovered that we were on an express train that wasn't going to stop at Mandi's stop. So, instead Mandi had to get on a different train and meet us at Grand Central Station. We got there and I took some picture while we waited for Mandi to get there.

I love this picture, I'm not sure why.
Our first stop of the day was to get lunch. I personally didn't like where we went, I can't remember the name but I feel like layout of the restaurant was confusing and the food was nasty. 

Our next stop was Toy R Us so that we could go on the Ferris Wheel. 

My ticket :)

LtoR: Me and Mandi
While on the Ferris Wheel we spotted an place, I believe it was called Sweet R Us that had ice cream and we decided we had to stop and get a sweet.

Cookie and Cream Shake! Yum!
We continued down the street to Forever 21 and the Disney Store. Hannah and Mandi both bought some stuff but I didn't.  I thought the Disney Store was really cute so of course I took some pictures.

"Its kind of fun to the impossible." Walt Disney

This was a little Gazebo in upstairs that was themed after Frozen. 
Our next stop was the M&M Store and the Hershey Store. We didn't stay either place long because they were uber crowded. We decided that we just wanted to explore and see what else we could find. 

This was a little Alcove we found that had a little water fountain and might be my favorite picture of the trip.

LtoR: Hannah and Mandi
I was going to try to do this trip in one post but I think that if I keep going the post is going to be too long so I'm going to add another post in a few days with the rest of the trip. I hope you all had a great Christmas if that's what you celebrate. 


  1. Please please please take me next time!! lol You guys look like you had a great time!

    Krystal ♥ Kinky.Love.Faith.
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    1. LOL. It was an absolute blast! Make sure you check back early next week so read about the second part of the day. Thanks for stopping by :)


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