Thursday, December 5, 2013

What is a State Meeting?

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As many of my reader's know I am the secretary of Future Teacher's Club on my campus. What you may not know is how AMAZING this club really is. 

Our club is located at two levels, our school club level but also at the state level! Now you may be wondering what exactly that means (I know that's what I would be wondering). Basically what is means is that we are sub branch of our state's Education Association!

Still a little confused? I don't blame because I haven't told you some of the really cool parts yet. Each month all college's in my state (well six of them) who have education programs at our schools get together. We plan events for our members that have to do with bonding, we plan events where they can work with children and we are invited to attend professional conference where we get the opportunity to network with school district. 

How do we do all this? One Friday night a month we drive to state's capital where we meet with all the other schools. We sit in board room and we have a meeting where we discuss events, current education topics and make decisions for the student program. 

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 The meetings last about two hours and can be exhausting but I think there a lot of fun. I feel blessed that I get to be a part of this club and can't wait to see all the other things we come up with for the rest of the year. 

What is the coolest activity you were apart of during your college years? Let me know in the comments below. 

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