Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Movie Review: Delivery Man

Hello All,

About a week ago, before my hitaus because of finals I promised you guys I would do a movie review on Delivery Man, which I saw over my Thanksgiving break! And I am now here to keep that promise!

Delivery Man is about, David (Vince Vaughn),who works as a meat delivery man at his family owned meat store. He is the black sheep of the family who has found himself in thousands of dollars in debt. One day David is approached by  a lawyer who tells him that because of sperm donation he made years early that he had fathered over 300 children and about a 140 of them want to know who he is. With the help of his friend, Brett (Chris Pratt), a lawyer, he prepares for a law suit of lifetime but can't help to want to get to know his children and become their guardian angel. 

Vince Vaughn gave a great performance in this movie especially with his background of a being a comedic actor. In this movie Vaughn played a character who had a little bit more depth to him. He watched as one child struggled with drug addiction, one had a mental disability and stand with pride as one of sons walked the road of becoming a sport legend. 

I enjoyed the movie a lot! It was sweet, heartwarming with some comedic relieve mixed in. My only compliant was that I wish that it was in some way possible, without making the movie overly long. I recommend seeing this movie for some mindless love. 

Have you seen Delivery Man? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below. 

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