Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My 2016 Goals {Introduction}

Hello All,

I can't believe that's in 2016 already! For the last two years (20142015) I have come up with a list of goals to try to accomplish in the the new year. I focus on goals rather then resolution because I'm not looking to change myself I am looking to make a my year a memorable year. Every year I share my goals in the beginning of January and then check-in at the end of March, June, September and December so I can see how I am doing on those goals.

1. Go to the gym 2 times a week
Most years I make a goal to start eating better and going to the gym. But this year I'm going to focus on going to the gym. I feel like 2 times a week is a manageable number of days to go to the gym every week. Plus I can work it into my schedule and maybe even work up to going more then twice a week. In the past I have enjoyed going to the gym but was bad at keeping up with it.

2. Either cross or start planning to cross 3 items off my Bucket List
Like a said above I want to make my years memorable and I want to live a life where I collect memories instead of things. So, this year I want to try and complete 3 items off the list. And if I can't complete them I want to at least start planning the items, like planning a trip. I think that this goal is should be pretty accomplishable. Actually looking over the list again I can tell that 3 items is very much accomplishable. 

3. Finish 1 Blanket for my 180 Blanket for 180 Days
Every year the number of blanket I want to make goes down but this year I am determined to finish at least one blanket. I really want to do something good in the world with my talents and I have the talent to make blankets so why not make blankets for sick kids.

4. Read 6 Books That Aren't for School
I love to read books and I read almost every night before I got to sleep when I'm home. In 2015 I got so close to finish 6 books but came up one book short. This year I want to try and finish the 6 books. In fact its less then a week into the year and I already finished my first book (keep an eye out for the book review). 

5. Start Recording My Budget
I found a format on Excel that helps you keep track of how you're spending your money. This year I really want to do a better job of keeping track of how much I'm spending and where. Because in the next year I would love to work towards buying a new car and start planning my first European adventure. 

6. Get My Room At Home in Check
At this time next year I will most likely be moving back to my mom's house, pretty much for good. Because of that I want my room at home to seem just right so I can enjoy it when I'm living at home again.

7. Go on 5 Blog Worthy Adventures
I love sharing all the adventures I have on this blog. And this year is bound to packed with some awesome adventures. I can't wait to share all of them with you guys!

8. Work my butt off at school
I only have two semesters left in college and I want to make them count. I want to get the best grades that I possibly can and I want to make sure that I'm proud with how I leave school. I learned a lot this last semester about putting school first and I plan to bring that into this coming semester.

9. Come up with fun content for the bloggy and my YouTube Channel

I feel like sometimes I let my blog and especially my YouTube channel seem like my lowest priority. And although I have some priorities that come before these outlets they are both still really important to me and I want to come up with some really cool content.

I think this year I'm going to end my goals with a solid 9. I think that all of these goals are manageable and trackable. I am so excited about 2016 and I have such a good feeling about this year. 

What are your goals for 2016? Let me know in the comments below.

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