Friday, January 22, 2016


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Last week I went to see the newest Jennifer Lawerence movie, Joy.

The movie follows the life of Joy (Jennifer Lawerence) whose family has its issues. Joy, now in her mid to late twenties lives in a small house with her grandmother (Diane Ladd), her mother (Virginia Madsen) who spends her days in bed watching soap operas, her ex-husband Tony (Edgar Ramirez) and her two children. She is living pay check to pay check and has her fair share of difficulties. When her father (Robert De Niro) starts dating a new women, Trudy (Isabella Rossellini) Joy gets her to fund her invention.  After a few failed attempts to get her product into the big stores like K-Mart and her small town hardware shop, Tony gets Joy a meeting QVC, launching Joy's career.
Joy (Jennifer Lawerence)
In my opinion none of the actors in this movie did a bad job. They are all amazing actors and they showcased their talents well in the movie. But for me the two little girls who share the role of Joy's daughter stole the show. Aundrea and Gia Gadsby were adorable. They played the role so well and made the daughter seem so precious and lovable. I found the character and how they portrayed her to be extremely realistic.
LtoR: Joy (Lawerence), Rudy (Robert De Niro) & Tony (Edgar Ramirez)
Although this movie isn't all happy as the title may imply, this movie didn't cause me to leave the movie feeling sad either. This movie felt like real life where there are moments of heartbreak or feeling betrayed or just not having the best of luck. But Joy pushed through and David O. Russell ended the movie on an up lifting note.
LtoR: Joy (Lawerence) & Neil (Bradley Cooper)
I really enjoyed the movie but I'm not sure if its something that I would pay to see again. I think that if could got back in time I would tell myself to wait for it hit red box or Netflix because its worth seeing but not necessarily in the theaters.
LtoR: Joy (Lawerence) & Rudy (Cooper)
Have you seen Joy? What did you think of the movie? Let me know in the comments down below!

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