Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer 2016 Bucket List

Hello All,

A few weeks ago I was playing around on the internet when I found a campaign that Eventbrite is running called, GOMO is the FOMO. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) has become popular with popularity of social media, I notice it the most on Instagram when you see friends posting awesome pictures from their vacations, parties or days at the beach. But Eventbrite (When you can find and organize you own event) wants us to start looking at life differently but GOMO-ing. GOMO stands for Getting Out More Often. I think this is an awesome idea to focus on, especially because I want to have the best summer ever!

After learning about GOMO I was inspired to write my own Summer 2016 Bucket List. Although not everything on my bucket list involves going out they are things that will make me happy or help me eventually be able to go out. Either way these items are going to help me squish the FOMO.

1. I want to go on some adventures
I love to create memories and have fun. This summer I want to go on some adventures with friends. and explore the world around me.

2. Read as many books as possible
I love to read and during the school year I feel like I never get a chance to read. But during the summer I have plenty of time to read. This summer I want to read as much as possible and immerse myself in different worlds (wow corny much?😂). Plus I'm taking a young adult lit class next semester and I'm hoping the professor will put the list online ASAP so I can read the books ahead of time and save time during the semester. {PS - Currently reading Me Before You so keep an eye for a book review in the somewhat near future}

3. Daily Vlog!
This summer I want to vlog everyday! I've actually started on my channel. You can check them out by clicking here. Although because of my work schedules I don't post videos everyday I am vlogging everyday and combining the days together.

4. Go to the beach more then once
Every year my friend Tori and I go to the beach but that's normally the last time I go. I wouldn't mind go a few more times this year. It's nice to lay on the beach and read, I may even just go by myself so that I can read. LOL. PS you check out the post about mine and Tori's beach days here.

5. Save some molla
College graduation is right around the corner. Which is scary. I need to start saving some money so that I need to buckle down and save some money. Plus I'm trying to save money to start traveling more. I have a bucket list of places I want to travel and there are even more location then when I originally wrote my Travel Bucket List.

6. Get a new car
I love my car and I wold drive it for years to come but its starting to get old and I'm worried that it won't last much longer. So, this summer I'm going to safe some money and hopefully get a new car.

7. Blog a lot
During the school year I don't have a lot time to blog so during the summer I want to blog as much as possible and get a lot content out on the blog. If you guys have any post requests let me know.

And this is everything I want to get done this summer. What's on your summer bucket list? Let me know in the comments down below. 

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