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Where In The World Are They Now? {Friends}

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The Other day I was reading an article all about where the characters of the hit show, Friends (1994-2004), are now in 2015 and was appalled by where the writer of the article thought they'd be today. But it inspired me for a new series on my blog about where some of my favorite TV characters are now. You can read the post that inspired the post here!

Obviously because an article about Friends inspired this series they are where I'm going to start!

At the end of season 10, Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) is starting his career in advertising as well as the adventure in parenthood to his and Monica's twins, Erica and Jack, who would now be eleven. I think that Chandler made it big in advertisement and would have created a commercial series like the popular ones today of Flo and Jake from State farm.  I believe that Chandler is super involved in life his children life. I think that he's probably coached at least one sports team that his kids played and never misses a big event. I also believe that he still happily married to Monica and besties with Joey, because who could break up that bromance.

(Before I start Joey I want to say that I never saw the spin off Joey so I don't know where he was during that series)
I like to believe that Joey's (Matt LeBlanc) acting career eventually did take off. He starred in his first rom com and the ladies of the world fell in love with him and he became the go-to leading man in many rom coms. He now lives in LA in giant house with his real life white dog and of course the chick and the duck. He never got married but has been in some serious relationships over the last eleven years. Multiple times a year Joey goes back to New York City and visit his Friends. 

Monica Geller- Bing (Courteney Cox) has loved being a mom of twins and a homeowner. About six months after the twins were born Monica decided to become a stay at home and absolutely loved it. When the twins started school she started an organization business out of her home. Now she spends her days keeping her house perfectly in place as well as helping others to get their homes in order. She spends her nights making healthy and delicious meals for her family and keeping her kids on schedule.

Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) is still married to Mike. After the series ended they had three boys now ages 10, 8 and 5. They are raising their children in the city and love bring them to Central Park. They also encourage all of their children to get involved in music. Between having her first and second son Phoebe started volunteering for a youth center and has since started mentoring children who have had a hard up-bring. Phoebe has remained super close with the rest of the Friends but is super close with Joey, they facetime at least 1 time a week and even named one of her boys after him.

After Rachel famously "Got off the plane" she and Ross got back together. Although Rachel made the decision that she didn't want to marry Ross, instead she believed that they should be together without having to sign a piece of paper. They also went on to have another baby girl. Rachel has loved having little girls in her life. She and Monica stay extremely close and she visits the Bings regularly.

And finally there's Ross. After Rachel got off the plane he attempted to propose many times but ultimately gave up and went along with Rachel's no marriage rule. Ross and Emma have a very strong bond and Emma has become quiet the Daddy's Girl. When Ross' oldest child Ben went away to college he wanted to study literature instead of science. Ross was a little disappoint but has since convinced Ben to write more then one paper about whether or not the book Jurassic Park is realistic. Ross is still teaching at NYU as well as trying (not very successfully) to get more papers published.

And that's where I see the six main characters of Friends being in 2015. If you were a big Friends fan where to do you see them being now? I'm really interested to know so let me know in the comments below, or write your post about it!

Be sure to come back some time in January 2016 when I discuss where I think the character of Gilmore Girls are before the revile happens sometime in 2016!

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