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What I Want to See in the Gilmore Girl Revial

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A few months ago I saw the article circulating about the Netflix Gilmore Girls Revival. And I'll be honest at first I was very skeptical because there had been the rumors in the past but nothing ever came of them. But then I saw this and I knew it was most likely true.

All of that it was many months ago and now we all know that its true! The Gilmore Girls are coming back! I have had sometime to think about what I want to see in the revival and like many fans I dreamed that this day would come but I never actually believed that it would happen. But that didn't stop me from day dreaming about the idea that my favorite Mother/Daughter duo would be gracing my television (or computer, since its coming to Netflix) again. 

I feel like no matter what we see, whether its what I've dreamed up or what any fan has dreamed up over the last 8 years, this revival is going to be nothing short of amazing. And that is because 1. Unlike the seventh and final season the revival is going to be written by Amy Sherman Pallidino who created the show and was a one of the writer up until season seven. 2. Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Scott Patterson and Kelly Bishop have all signed on to be a part of it. 3. Its Gilmore Girls, its going to be amazing no matter what!

And now on to the things I hope to see in the revival.

1. I hope to see Luke (Scott Patterson) and Lorelai (Lauren Graham) married
LtoR: Luke (Patterson) & Lorelai (Graham)
 I have seen many fans state that they hope we see their wedding. And I wouldn't mind seeing their wedding in flashbacks. But it has been 8 years since Luke and Lorelai presumably got back to together at Rory's graduation party. I find it hard to believe that they waited eight years to tie the knot.

2. I hope that Rory (Alex Bledel) is not married
Rory (Bledel)
I feel this way for a couple of reasons. 1 I feel like it would be realistic that Rory isn't married at 30. Mainly because Rory was a very adventurous and career driven girl. I feel like there is a good chance that she explored the world and got her career stable before settling down. But also I have read articles that all three of major love interest are coming back to reprise their roles as well.

3. I hope they find a good way to honor Richard Gilmore (Edward Herrmann)
Richard Gilmore (Edward Herrmann)
As most of the fans know Edward Herrmann passed away just about a year ago (wow the time as flown). I find it hard to believe that Amy Sherman Pallidino would glaze over the topic and/or recast the role. And even if she tried I'm guessing the cast would not be appreciative of that idea at all. In all honesty, as sad and as heartbreaking as it would be it wouldn't surprise me in the least if the first of the 90-minute specials opens at his funeral. It would be a good way to bring the characters back together and give the fans closure. 

4. I hope that Luke still has a good relationship with his daughter, April (Vanessa Marano) .
LtoR: April (Marano) and Luke (Patterson)
Many fans seem to believe that April was one of the worse plot devise in the show's history. I on the other hand liked their relationship. I never thought Luke and Lorelai would have a kid but its awesome that he did eventually get a kid who he could bond with, plus she was past the jam hands phase.

(Also I learned a fun fact today. Amy's plan for the character of Anna (April's mom) was for to be "competition" for Lorelai. But after Amy left/was kicked off the show in season seven they decided to make Anna attempt to take Luke's custody away.)

5. I want to know what Sookie named her third baby
LtoR: Lorelai (Graham) & Sookie (Melissa McCarthy)
One of the things that never really sat right with me in the 7th season was Sookie's unexpected pregnancy and the fact we never knew more than the fact that she was pregnant. It made it hard for me to feel like the show was truly over.

6. I hope that Melissa McCarthy returns
Sookie (McCarthy)
We all know since Gilmore Girls Melissa McCarthy's career has taken off. From Bridesmaid, to Spy, to Identity thief to Mike and Molly, Melissa McCarthy has been one busy lady. But I hope that we will see some Sookie in the revival because she was always one of my favorite characters.

7. I hope we see Lane and what her life is like
LtoR: Lane (Keiko Agena) & Rory (Bledel)
For the majority of the series Lane lived a double life. And towards the end we saw her start to balance it out slightly. I want to know if its balanced out now, as well as what her twin boys are like.

8. I want to see Paris and Doyle still married
LtoR: Doyle (Danny Strong) & Paris (Liza Weil)
Paris always brought so much quirkiness to a show that was already filled with quirk. But I need to know where she and Doyle are now. Have they had children? What kind of medicine does she practice? Are her and Rory still friends? Do they still dance like that?

9. I hope they make some jokes about the actor's careers now
So many members of the cast has gone to have some amazing careers. Some of which can be used to make some awesome jokes. Like was is Dean really doing for career? Is he hunting demons under a fake name? Or does Paris have a crazy (murdering) boss? I don't know maybe those joke would be corny but I still want to see what types of pop culture references the writers can make with what the actors are doing now.

10. I want to see the townspeople
I need to know where all of the other townspeople are now.

11. I need to know what Amy Sherman Pallidino planned final words were going to be.
She was very clear that she didn't approve of how the writers of season 7 ended the show. She also said that she had always known the final four words. I'm hoping that the final four words of the final 90 minute special will be the four words that Amy always dreamt of.

And those are the 11 things I want to see in the Gilmore Girls revival. If your a Gilmore Girls fan, what do you want to see in the revival episodes? Let me know in the comments below.

-P.S. Make sure you stay tuned because the next Where in the World... feature which is featuring Gilmore Girls. So, you can know where I think they all are today before the revival hits Netflix.

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