Friday, December 4, 2015

Thanksgiving Break 2015

Hello All,

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving this year and that your holiday season is off to a great start. The next few weeks in my world are going to be crazy! But I also have a lot of blog post ideas so I hopefully I crank some of those out over the next few weeks. With that being said let's talk about Thanksgiving Break.

My Thanksgiving break started Tuesday afternoon after class. As soon as that class ended I pretty much ran to my car. At this time I had only spent one night off campus all semester and that one day was back in September, meaning that it had been about 60 days since I had spent a night off campus and had been home. So, you could say I was a little excited. When I got home I spent a little while with Mama J before retreating to my bed (where I spent most of break). For dinner Mama J and I went to my favorite restaurant at home.  When we got home I jumped in the shower and I'm pretty sure I was out like a light but 10:30/11 and I'm not even a little sorry.

On Wednesday I woke up at about 9:15 but didn't get out of bed until like 11:30. Once I got out of bed I ran to the grocery store to get some food and came home. I had some homework that was due at 4 PM so I did that assignment and sent it in. Once I finished with my responsibilities I decided to do some baking and I made a cake (I didn't take a picture though because it wasn't that pretty). While things were baking I worked on one of my writing projects and just chilled out. 

Thursday (Thanksgiving):
Originally my plan was to wake up at 8:45 so I would be upstairs for the beginning of the parade. But that didn't happen. I woke up about an hour later and went up stairs. I watched bits and pieces of the parade while I curled my hair and did my make-up. Mama J and I made our way down to my Uncle's house for Thanksgiving itself. For our Thanksgiving it was a smaller group this year then it normally is but it was actually a lot of fun. My younger cousin pointed out to me later in the night that we had been sitting at the dinning room table for about 4 hours! It was crazy. When Mama J and I got home I was again retreated to my bedroom and worked on one of my writing projects again. All and all it was a great Thanksgiving.
My Thanksgiving selfie as seen on Instagram
 Also if you are interested in seeing my annual Thanksgiving post you can see it here.

I slept in for quiet while. When I woke up Mama J and I got ready to leave the house because we were going Black Friday shopping! We left the house around noon and our first stop was getting lunch at Friendly's and although we would both probably return in the future our experience this time was not good! After lunch we headed over to Bath and Body Works where I picked up my winter scents as well as some Christmas presents. This was probably the craziest store we went to. It was so jammed packed but we got so much stuff from there. Our next stop was Kohls where I hit the mother load! I was so impressed with all the deals I got. Before applying coupons I had already saved $100! Plus a lot of the stuff I got were really cute! My last stop of the day was Ulta where I treated myself to some cute make-up as well as some base products. Mama J had to work that night so I went home and vegged. At around 8 PM I decided to get up and make cinnamon rolls. They were delicious. 

I slept in super later because it was rainy and gross. After I woke up I spent the better part of the day in bed because why not. Later that night Mama J decided she wanted to join team iphone. We went to Verizon where she was helped my an awesome worker. Although there was a slight mess up with the sims cards that got our phones sort of messed up. But they were able to fix it. When I got home I windowed shopped on Etsy for hours. And then crashed.

I slept until about 11:15 and as soon as I woke up I knew I would regret sleeping that late because I have to go to bed early because I work super early on Monday mornings. Once I got up I got ready to film because I was filming my Black Friday Haul (which you can watch by clicking here). Once I finished I packed up my car and headed back to school for the last 19 days before winter break!

And that was my Thanksgiving break. How did you guys spend your Thanksgiving? Let me know in the comments below.

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