Monday, November 23, 2015

Homecoming 2015

Hello All,

In October my college had its homecoming weekend. Homecoming at my school is a big deal but its not as big as it at other schools. But its still a lot of fun to go to and the traditions are pretty cool too. And since I did it of course I need to blog about it.

Homecoming was on Saturday, which meant that I had to work from midnight to 4 AM the day of homecoming. Luckily this year it was a night game which means I got to sleep until a pretty decent time of about 11:30. When I got up I did my make up and got ready for the game.

The first tradition my school as is the annual homecoming parade where the different halls, clubs and organization create skits to share on homecoming day.  On most of the posters around campus said that the parade was starting at 1:30 but they changed it to 2 meaning we were super early. My roommate Sonja knows some of the girls on the soccer team and we went and watched a little of it.

Sonja ended up watching the rest of the game while Megan and I went to watch the parade. I always love going to parade one because the different groups are super creative but also because one of my good friends, Mandi's (you may recognize her from my Disney 2015 Spring Break Trip) sorority always does a skit and I love to see what they come up with. All the clubs and organization did a great job and to be honest it is always one of my favorite parts of the parade.

After the parade we went to lunch at our dinning hall and then hung out at our room for a little while. But soon it was time for the game. It was a night game and the first one I had ever gone to (at night at least). It was a lot of fun but I only made it to about half time because I got too cold. Unfortunately our team lost but they did a really good job in the part that I saw.

The field
The snapchat showing how cold it was

2/3 of my roommate (LtoR: Sonja, Megan and me)
And that was my senior year homecoming!

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